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Watching your favorite and amazing photos and videos on is indeed a breathtaking experience, something that may also prompt you to save it on your personal computer or laptop. And for this, you would actually require an Adobe Stock Video Downloader. So, don’t just watch those charming and pleasing videos but go on.. and download those royalty-free videos in a few seconds by following the simple steps given below.

How to Download From Adobe Stock

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Copy the Adobe Stock Video

For Desktop

Step 1: Just open the home page of AAjtak news ( by typing the web address on the search bar of your preferred internet browser. Initially, you must start by opening the home page of your internet browser.

Step 2: Now enter the website of Adobe Stock ( on the search bar of your internet browser.

Step 3: Search and Play the Adobe Stock Video you like. Please note that while the video is being played you will have to copy the video link from the address bar.

Step 4: For copying the URL, first select the complete address being reflected on the address bar. Then, press CTRL+C buttons at the same time. You may also click on the Copy option after right-clicking on the selected address.

For Mobile

Step 1: Launch your mobile’s internet browser.

Step 2: Search the required video on the Adobe Stock Video platform and allow it to play.

Step 3: While Aajtak videos are being played on your mobile, copy the link of such Aajtak videos by tapping on the address bar and clicking on the copy option. When you are watching your Adobe Stock Video, you must copy its URL by tapping on the address bar and selecting the Copy option.

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Paste the Adobe Stock Video

Step 1: Now on a different tab of your internet browser, open

Step 2: On the search bar of, you must now paste the Adobe Stock Video link.

Step 3: Now you can click on the Download button, but before that, you must assure yourself that the video is available to be downloaded.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: Multiple video formats are available on the LiveDownloading platform. You can download your favorite Adobe Stock Video in any of such formats.

Step 2: When you will click on the Download button, a small list will pop up displaying a wide range of formats. And, you will also find a separate Download button alongside every format.

Step 3: When the video format gets tabulated in front of you on your computer screen, you may click on the Download button corresponding to the selected video format.

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Download the Adobe Stock video

When you have executed all the above-discussed steps sequentially, you may click on the Download button to get the video downloaded using Adobe Stock Video Downloader. After the video is downloaded in the desired folder, you may watch, share or send the Adobe stock Video according to your convenience.

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