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Do you want to download BitChute videos but you don’t know how to download them? If yes, then worry not as with the help of Livedownloading you can download any video you want. This platform allows you to download and share the videos you like. Below, we are going to discuss how to download BitChute videos using the BitChute video downloader of Livedownloading.

How to Download From BitChute


Copy BitChute Video URL

For BitChute video download on Desktop

Step 1: Launch your internet browser and open the BitChute website and then select the video that you wish to download.

Step 2: Now, select the link of the video from the address bar of the browser.

Step 3: After that, copy the web address of the BitChute video that you want to download.

For BitChute video download on Mobile

Step 1: Open the browser of your choice.

Step 2: After that, open the BitChute website on your internet browser.

Step 3: Then, start searching for the BitChute video that you wish to see offline on your mobile phone.

Step 4: Now, you must select the web address of the video you want to download on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Step 5: Copy the web address you selected before and then you can go ahead with your BitChute video download from the free BitChute downloader online.


Paste BitChute Video URL

Step 1: Launch on your web browser.

Step 2: After that, go to the search box of your Livedownloading page. Now, paste the web address of the BitChute video that you copied previously.

Step 3: Also, you must ensure that the video you want to download is public. Once you are done making a video public, everyone can watch that video.


Select BitChute Video Format of your choice

Step 1: Livedownloading offers various video format options in which you can download the BitChute videos on your Android device, iOS smartphone, or PC.

Step 2: Select the download option and various format choices will be displayed before you. Different formats in which you can download a video are MP4-380p and MP4-280p.

Step 3: After that, select the format of your choice.


Download BitChute Video

After you are done performing the steps above, then you should go ahead with the download process by choosing the download option. Now, the video will get downloaded on your system. You need to perform the same steps to download BitChute videos on iOS and Android smartphones.

Open the download folder on your system. There, you will see the downloaded video file. This will allow you to watch and download the video whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

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