6 Things Money Heist Fans Should Know

6 Things Money Heist Fans Should Know

Are you a Money Heist fan? If yes, then here we have some facts for you. The show was originally a flop series in Spain before Netflix bought its rights. Also, robbers got inspired by this show and attempted robberies in real life. If you wish to know some more things about Money Heist, then read ahead.

1. Money Heist was a flop show in Spain

Before this show was released on Netflix, it was released in Spain in May 2017. The first episode was a success with 4.5 million views but the viewership dropped gradually. As a result, they had to cancel the show after the second season. The whole cast of Money Heist agreed that it was a flop show before Netflix released it globally.

2. Inspired robberies in real life

People have been spotted wearing Dali masks in North America. Moreover, a group of robbers was found in Cricuma, Brazil wearing Dali masks. The robbers robbed a place and had a two-hour-long burglary. As a mark of their success, they escaped while scattering cash on the streets.

3. Nairobi wasn’t there in the original script

Many of you who sobbed on the character’s death and demanded her return in the show are not even aware of the fact that she was not even a part of the original script. Nairobi’s character was motivational, strong, and fearless. However, she was only there during the initial stages of the series.

4. The real reason behind red Dali costumes

Theives wear red Dali costumes to hide their identity. But that is not the only reason why they wear them. The red color is a symbol of death, love, alertness, and passion. The Dali masks are inspired by a Spanish artist who was against the modern capitalist society.

5. The Gold vault in the Bank of Spain exists in real life

The gold vault shown in the Money Heist story exists in reality. In case of a breach, the whole vault floods with water. It is a part of the security system in the Bank of Spain. However, breaking into the real gold vault of the Bank of Spain is a lot more challenging than what was shown in the web series.

6. Filming of this show took place in 7 countries

After Netflix acquired the rights of the show, the cast and crew got the opportunity to shoot in locations outside of Spain. The shooting of this show took place in the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Panama, Denmark, and Thailand.

So, these are some things that Money Heist fans are not aware of. This show is the most viewed show in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Chile, Italy and France. This Netflix-owned web series was the most viewed show in the year 2019.