7 Best American TV Series For Learning English

7 Best American TV Series For Learning English

One of the easiest ways to increase your vocabulary or gain fluency in your English is to watch the Best TV Series To Learn English. No other way exists to master the American language and how people communicate. Prepare to interact with "genuine" English—the English is spoken by your friends or in the streets.

Here are the top 7 Best TV Series for Learning English

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a popular SCI-FI series you may have heard of, but have you considered to watch to learn American English? Although some of the kids' language may be difficult to understand, kids speak much more slowly and clearly than adults, making the series quite simple to follow.

Russian Doll

Nadia discovers much about herself and the people around her because she gets stuck in a Groundhog Day loop. Although it may appear odd to use a TV show to aid with English learning, the repetitious plot makes this programme much simpler to comprehend. Furthermore, it is really addictive!

The Good Place

The Good Place is a best TV series to improve English, despite its rather unusual premise that it occurs in a mythical "Good Place", which stands in for heaven. Its rather slow-moving plot and the fact that many of the stories are repeated make it the ideal place for someone just discovering English television.

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife explores many of the challenges that British women encountered in the 20th century while following the lives of British midwives in the 1950s. You can better comprehend the story because of the cast's clear, slow speech. In addition, you'll learn a lot about British history.


Learn about a well-known British literary figure in a lighthearted and contemporary way. Despite Benedict Cumberbatch's tendency to speak quickly, the programme is a superb example of British television that you won't be able to put off.


Each episode features a unique plot and a distinct animal. The show presents a lighthearted perspective on people and the American way of life through animals. The fascinating scenes take place in the background when animals watch people and make observations about their dishonest or foolish behaviour.

MTV Cribs

Every episode of the 30-minute MTV show "MTV Cribs" has several notable guests who give tours of their opulent (expensive) homes. The presentation shows basic details about the house, such as its size and number of rooms, on the screen.


Q1: Does watching English TV help you learn the language?

You improve your speaking and listening abilities. You may easily hear how many words are uttered by watching TV shows. Once you are comfortable with these new words, hearing and speaking will get simpler.

Q2: How can I speak English more clearly on Netflix?

Say aloud what you heard. You must speak more if you wish to hone your English communication skills. You may select the character you wish to sound like and mimic them by repeating after them, which is another fantastic feature of Netflix. Pause after hearing one sentence, then say it aloud.

Q3: Does Best TV Shows for Learning English assist in language learning?

Language specialists claim that viewing shows in a foreign language with just a near-obsession can help someone learn that language, even though excessive screen time is frequently discouraged.

Q4: Is Netflix helpful for learning languages?

The premise that listening to a language is the best learning method is the foundation for language learning using Netflix. This approach has long been advised. A great strategy to develop your language ability is to watch movies or listen to music in the language you're learning.

Q5: How might watching TV episodes help me get better at English?

You improve your speaking and listening abilities. You may easily hear how many words are uttered by watching TV shows. Once you are comfortable with these new words, hearing and speaking will get simpler.


Everyone has heard the tales of famous people, like the actress Mila Kunis, who picked up English by simply watching British and American television programmes. And while it's true that you must be very intelligent to learn a language through subtitles alone, viewing a TV series may help you soak up anything from the newest slang to a Modern American TV Series for Learning English.