7 Best Research Note Taking App That Replace Your Notebook and Paper

7 Best Research Note Taking App That Replace Your Notebook and Paper

You have now formally purchased a notebook and filled it with all the data from journal articles and your research planning. You'll initially feel driven and engaged. Soon, you start to feel bored and worn out. You highlight the journal paragraphs and save them in the appropriate desktop folders. You gradually realise there are numerous folders, and each folder is loaded with research journal articles. You may greatly improve both the effectiveness and joy of your writing process.

Best Research Note Taking App

Apple Notes

You can instantly make to-do lists, add links, and attach documents with images, videos, sketches, audio, and research papers. Notes allow you to retrieve deleted notes within 30 days if you want to. Additionally, add users to read the content of your notes and organise your notes into folders. This apple notes app that works like a Notebook. You can structure notes following your preferences, distribute them via social media and email clients like Outlook and Gmail, and even export them as PDFs.


Using the toolbar seen in most offices, you can easily generate research notes and store them in particular box folders. You could add a link to Box without attachments or securely upload PDFs, Microsoft Office files, photographs, and other documents. Utilising thousands of partner apps, Box can preview more than 200 file kinds in excellent quality both online and off.


You may quickly locate the notes you've saved with just one search. On all platforms, you can search for a particular note, display notes with a single click, and browse digital notebooks offline, although the functions vary depending on your subscription. You may view and share your notes at any time with Evernote.

Microsoft OneNote

If you enjoy using Microsoft Word, you will undoubtedly enjoy OneNote because of the sleek yet functional toolbar. OneNote's biggest feature is that you can view and distribute your notes with anyone, wherever, even if you're not connected to the internet, because they are immediately synced whenever you are.


This cloud-based note-taking application is tidy, clear, uncomplicated, simple to use, and loads more quickly on all platforms. Tags for notes and short note groups are wonderful. Your notes are constantly updated across all devices, which sets Simplenote apart from other apps.


You may make notes that use a combination of doodles, photos, and text notes with the digital paper software Paper, which works like a wall of sticky notes. You can effortlessly sketch illustrations, highlight information in pictures, and quickly make checklists.


The Note Taking Apps for Students can still be preserved in their original form by SomNote. You may always activate the automatic backup feature to restore lost notes from the recycle bin at any time. You only need to type the keyword into the search option to find the message.


Q1: How to make digital handwritten notes digitised?

The Microsoft 365 suite's OneNote programme from Microsoft has a conversion function that allows you to convert handwritten text to typed text. This is helpful if you want to share your handwritten notes with others in a format that is easier for them to read.

Q2: What surpasses OneNote in quality?

Evernote: It's a respectable OneNote substitute as well. From the moment you launch Evernote, it is simple to use. The ability to scan and store files, quick note storing and minimal complexity in function are a few of its important characteristics. Its simplicity is one of its main benefits.

Q3: What iPad note-taking app do college students use?

Notability is the greatest note-taking app on the iPad for some reasons. You can organise all of your notes into tidy notebooks that are simple to find, and it supports the many media kinds you want to add to your notes.

Q4: What note-taking applications are the best?

ProofHub is a flexible project management tool that makes it simple to create separate notebooks for idea archiving and to take minutes at meetings. Apple Notes, Bear, and Evernote are other excellent note-taking applications.

Q5: What are the best note taking apps?

The only note-taking app on this list that most closely mimics a real notebook is Microsoft's OneNote, designed specifically for taking notes. You may make unique notebooks in OneNote, organise your notebooks into sections with eye-catching tabs, and add pages of notes to each section.


More effectively than merely highlighting the actual journal research papers is the greatest research note-taking app. Note-taking should be done earlier and in combination with reading journal research articles because it can improve your long-term recall, make it easier to link ideas, aid in understanding, and be used for reference purposes by Free Note Taking Apps.