7 Easy and Awesome Hacks for Quick Eyelash Growth

7 Easy and Awesome Hacks for Quick Eyelash Growth

Globally, women want to and appreciate having long, thick eyelashes. They give eyes a younger, more appealing appearance. The need for long eyelashes has led to the development of numerous procedures, including lash lifts and extensions, primarily intended to lengthen the lashes. There are multiple makeup items available, including volumising mascara, false eyelashes, and techniques like applying many coats of mascara to the lashes to create the appearance of thick and long lashes.

Here are a few methods to Grow Long Eyelashes that several women having gorgeous, long eyelashes stand by!

Hacks for Quick Eyelash Growth

Regularly comb your lashes

You probably have a variety of combs and brushes for the hair's top; however, do you also have one specifically for your eyelashes? If you're like most of us, I bet you have no idea what a lash comb is! However, brushing your eyelashes has the same benefits as brushing your hair. The natural oils on your eyelashes are evenly distributed as you comb them, giving them a straight appearance. Once a day, ideally immediately when you go to bed at night, will do; you don't get to do it all day long!

Utilise oils to encourage healthier hair growth

There is a reason why oiling your head hair at least once a week is advised by practically everyone with thick and long hair. This is so that oils may maintain the hair. The lash hair follicles work similarly. The follicles secrete natural oils intended to nourish or keep the skin moisturised. However, washing the treatments we use on our faces more than twice can also remove the oils.

You can utilise the various essential oils according to your interests. It is stated that coconut and olive oil are excellent for promoting eyelash development. Almond oil and Vitamin E oil for lashes are popular choices, although you could also use castor oil. The ideal time to treat your lashes with moisturising oils is just before bedtime to prevent wearing out your eyes since some oils are lighter than others and it is considered as one of the best eyelash growing hacks.

Spend money on eyelash growth enhancing serums for speedy results

There are several various eyelash growth-enhancing products available that are made to stimulate eyelash development. In addition to growth, specific gels or oils were advised to thicken your lash line and offer it a darker shade.

To stimulate the healthy growth of your lashes, you can create some DIY serums by combining specific oils.

Prepare your eyelashes to seal in moisture

The hair along your lash line requires conditioning, just as the hair on your head does. What makes conditioning essential for eyelash growth?

In actuality, conditioning has no causal connection to your eyelashes' ability to develop, but the moisture is kept when you condition them.

Dry lashes are often brittle or fall off frequently, leaving an unattractive, irregular lash line. Thus, conditioning stops the eyelashes from coming out too soon. Conditioning serums are available from your neighbourhood pharmacy and internet retailers where you purchase the cosmetics. Petroleum jelly is a cheap and effective option for lash conditioners. All you need is a small amount of it to seal in the moisture effectively.


Q1: Can you grow eyelashes quickly?

If one eyelash is cut or burned, but the follicle or eyelid is unharmed, the recovery time is usually around 6 weeks. However, if you remove 1 eyelash, the situation can be unique. The eyelash's regrowth process could take longer.

Q2: How quickly do eyelashes develop?

The quick response would depend on how the eyelashes initially emerged, but it can take between one and six months. Regrowth might last about six weeks if it results from natural shedding. But, if you pull out your eyelashes violently, they will take much longer to grow back.

Q3: Does Vaseline promote eyelash growth?

Vaseline works well as an occlusive moisturisers for dry skin or eyelashes. It can hydrate eyelashes, giving them a fuller, lusher appearance, but it cannot help them Grow Long Eyelashes and faster. But not everyone should use it.

Q4: How can I get long, thick eyelashes in three days?

Your lashes may grow thicker and won't fall out if you put castor oil on them daily. Apply a small mixture of castor oil or coconut oil with a cotton tip to the lashes.

Q5: Why do I have such short eyelashes?

Short eyelashes causes - Due to particular hormonal imbalances which impact the growth cycle of hair follicles, ageing and menopause are some of the leading causes of shorter eyelashes. Stress, insufficient sleep, and drug allergy reactions are further contributing causes.

Q6: Do eyelashes regrow at the age of 50?

You may not be as thrilled as a child to see your eyelashes dropping as an adult. It makes sense to question whether they'll regrow. But eyelashes also have a natural growth cycle, like the hair on your head.

Q7: Can lashes develop in two weeks?

If one eyelash is cut and burned, but the follicle or eyelid is unharmed, the recovery time is usually around 6 weeks. However, if you remove 1 eyelash, the situation can be different. The eyelash's regrowth process could take longer.


Before using any pharmaceutical treatments, trying one of the many DIY methods available to Grow Eyelashes Longer. Many people have successfully used these products to promote hair growth along their lash lines. But before incorporating new items into your skincare routine, like with any product, consult your doctor or dermatologist to ensure no significant medical causes for your lash loss.