7 Most Beautiful Destinations To Visit In The World

7 Most Beautiful Destinations To Visit In The World

The Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to stay indoors. None of us thought that a time would come where no one will be allowed to travel. The word was completely shaken by the Covid-19 waves and is still trying to find a balance. People are posting throwback pictures of their trips to different destinations. At the same time, they are wondering when they will get to travel across the world again. However, this is the time when you research and look for beautiful destinations that you can visit around the world. Here, we have a list of different destinations you can visit in the world.

1. Marrakech, Morocco

The city of Marrakech lies on the foot of the Atlas mountains. This wondrous beauty is full of alleyways. The beautiful gardens and colorful souks can astonish you. One place that you should definitely visit in Marrakech is the Bahia Palace. The place looks heavenly with its opulent marble courtyards, signature peacock hues, and Zellige tilling.

2. Las Vegas, the United States

The Seven Magic Mountains of Las Vegas are without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world. This place is located 10 miles away from the Nevada Desert. This place is quite popular amongst the tourists. These rocky mountains have whimsical and joyous artwork and have many Instagram-worthy backdrops. Las Vegas has everything that a tourist needs. It has a jamboree atmosphere, bright lights, and numerous fun things to do.

3. Zakynthos, Greece

Two of the most popular destinations in Greece are the beaches of Santorini and Mykonos. There are plenty of other destinations to visit in Greece that can give you a feeling of paradise. One such place is Navagio beach. It is less crowded and a feast for the eyes. This beach is covered by cliffs, crystalline water, turquoise, and snow-white sand.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal is full of cobbled alleyways, yellow streetcars, pastel-hued buildings, and magnificent views. Lisbon is located on the hills of the Tagus River. Plus, it has curved shadowed lanes and hidden courtyards. You get to see a beautiful mix of modern and vintage lifestyles here.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

If you are a beach lover, then you must travel to Cape Town, South Africa. It has the most pristine beaches in the whole world. Boulder’s beach near the False Bay coastline is one of the special destinations of Cape Town where you find penguins, big granite boulders, soft sand, and bright waters. You can just sit on the boulders and admire the mesmerizing beauty around you.

6. Provence, France

If you are an admirer of flowers, then you must plan a trip to Provence, France. You get to witness the endless stretches of purple lavender blooms there. The best time to visit this destination is in summer, particularly the months of June and July. Flowers are in full bloom during this time of the year.

7. Whitehaven beach, Australia

If you want to experience relaxation, peace, and tranquility, then Whitehaven Beach is one place where you can find it. You can easily travel to this beach by boat from Hamilton Island and the ports of Airlie beach. You get to see the best view of Whitehaven Beach from the Tounge point.