All Time Favorite Romantic Movies

All Time Favorite Romantic Movies

Romantic movies are to die for. If you are a fan of romantic movies then you know what we are talking about. Watching two people that are meant for each finding and fighting their way through life to each other. Oh, how relaxing.

Sometimes you want to have a good laugh with a little bit of romance here and there then rom-coms are the way to go. But other days you just want to grab a tissue box, sit in a dark room with a tub of ice cream and wine, and cry your heart out. Whatever it is, romantic movies never disappoint.

Romantic movies are the best ones to watch during a holiday season but let’s not put a limit to when you can and can not watch a romantic movie. Which is why we are listing down our top 10 all-time favorite romantic movies. If you haven't already seen them we suggest you start today.

1. Titanic

Who is not familiar with the epic love story of jack and rose. Titanic is that one movie that you can watch so many times and still cry when you watch it again. Titanic raised the bar of romantic movies so high that no other movie can take its place. So this had to be number one on our all-time favorite romantic movies list.

2. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

This movie is a little crazy but also very refreshing. It is not your classic love story but that does not mean it’s not just as good. Joel and Clementine’s journey of ups and downs in their relationship leads them to take a major step which involves erasing each other from their memories. Yes, it’s just as interesting as it sounds. A lot of people categorize this in the manic pixie movie but if you can dig deeper you’ll understand there is a lot more going on in there.

3. One day

For this one, you might want to grab a big box of tissues and get all cozy and nice before you play it. Let the story of Emma and Dexter take you down a crazy emotional roller coaster ride. This movie will make you so astoundingly happy but then don’t forget about the big box of tissues. You are gonna cry just the same. This isn’t on our list of all-time favorite movies for nothing. This is one of the most beautiful romance-drama movies out there. You are especially recommended to watch this one.

4. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise is the first part of the trilogy. The story revolves around two people who meet on a train in Vienna and decide to spend a night together. Their conversations about life and love will leave you wondering for days. The Before trilogy starts as a fantasy that most of us dream about, meeting the love of your life on vacation so randomly. We suggest you watch all three parts as the picture of life gets very realistic by the time you finish the movie.

5. Sleepless in Seattle

Nothing can beat Tom Hank's movies. They always make you question life and it’s ways. Sleepless in Seattle is one of the classic all-time favorite movies. Tom Hank plays Sam who is still reminiscing about his wife’s death. His 8-year-old son calls a radio station in hopes of finding a new girlfriend for his father. This romantic comedy will fill you with so much joy and let's not forget that it is based on “an affair to remember”.

6. When Harry met Sally

Another one of our very favorite classics. The movie is set across the span of many years of the life of Harry and Sally. Even though it is quite clear that they will end up together you never really lose interest in the movie. This movie is great to watch when you want to have a good laugh and feel all giddy about love.

7. The Notebook

You could not possibly think that this list is complete without this one. No list about romantic movies is complete without mentioning Nicholas Sparks. Even though the story seems too good to be true but that won’t stop you from daydreaming about finding love like Noah and Allie. So, get your box of tissues because you will cry like a little baby but we assure you, you will not be disappointed.

8. Notting Hills

An all-time favorite romantic movies list without our favorite Julia Roberts is just waste. Notting hills, Pretty Woman, these are some of the best romantic comedies of Julia Roberts that you just cannot miss.

So, there you go. A list of all-time favorite romantic movies you must watch. Get your tub of popcorn and a bottle of red wine and watch them if you haven’t already.