| How is it Different from Google Search? | How is it Different from Google Search?

In this article, we will discuss and some points Different from Google Search.

Ask search engine is a web search engine that you could use to discover applicable internet pages. Based totally on unique keywords and has steps to verify your website online on its engine. If you're an online site owner, index and rank your website in primary search engines like Google Free Alternative with You may benefit from the fulfilment of your internet site.

Watching for and crafting interview questions and solutions come up with a good shot at making a good effect. Generally, employers Ask a not-unusual set of questions. So, Different from Google Search with smart answers for questions you seek on its engine.

That is a search engine that is famous for its innovation in seek era and search boundary design and also Google Free Alternative.

Some information on how unique about is a question-answering-targeted e-commercial enterprise and web seek engine based in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California. The authentic software program becomes applied using Gary Chevsky from his layout –

In 1996 become released as 'Ask Jeeves', a partnership between entrepreneur David Warthen and challenge capitalist Garrett Gruener. The idea was to shape a search engine that spurred the customers. To ask questions of their natural language in place of keywords.

The person of Jeeves became a butler who became based on the popular character from the Jeeves & Wooster books. In 2006, the person changed into 'retired' and the internet site has become referred to as The agency grew unexpectedly throughout its first few years. As a result, its preliminary inventory provided at the NASDAQ stock trade began in 1999.

At the same time, Ask purchased the 2 businesses. Everyone is designed to permit customers of search engines like Google to get extra relevant content. The first of these purchases became 'Direct Hit Technologies' , a company designing software to arrange online content material. The second business enterprise was 'Teoma technologies' which uses a set of rules to sort and seek consequences in order of relevancy.

On 21st March 2005, the next level of started. The inventory trade delisted it and interactive-corp bought it for $1.85 Billion. IAC started making changes without delay with the Jeeves individual phasing out via September that 12 months. In future marketing, the site might not be but

How does work?, previously Ask Jeeves, as an internet seek engine that you may use to locate relevant net pages based on specific key phrases has steps to confirm your website on its engine. If you're an internet site proprietor, index and rank your internet site in important search engines like google and yahoo which includes

You may benefit from the achievement of your internet site rating. To publish your website online to, you should have a sitemap in XML format uploaded on your web server. You may then post the sitemap URL at once to with the use of the submission URL.

Step 1: Open a textual content editor on your computer and paste in the following submission URL:

Step 2: Replace "" with the URL of your internet site sitemap. Don't include "http" or "https" at the beginning of your URL. Your sitemap has to be in XML format.

Step 3: Release your web browser then replica and paste the entire submission URL. Along with your sitemap, into the browser address bar and press "enter." A confirmation message from appears within the browser.

How is Different from Google Search?

Now we see the vs Google generally, generation "appears at the net differently". Whereas Google's pagerank ranks its search consequences using popularity, Ask has something it calls "expert rank". This is an automated search set of rules (like Google has). But, on high of that effects are ordered using topic groups and the editorial functions that create 'smart solutions'.

At the same time as the expert rank formulation is a mystery sauce that won't expose, they do say that the top results in searches are decided by information – and now not reputation. As states on their help pages:

"figuring out subjects (additionally called "clusters"), the experts on the one's subjects, and the recognition of thousands and thousands of pages among those professionals — at the exact second your seek query is conducted — calls for many additional calculations that different search engines do now not perform."So these is some points regarding Google VS is a search engine that provides users with answers to their questions in a conversational format. Unlike Google, which displays a list of relevant websites, provides direct answers to queries. uses a proprietary technology called the Q&A Engine, which understands the context of a question and provides a relevant answer from a trusted source.

No, Google has a larger database of indexed pages and more advanced algorithms to provide a wider range of results. However, specializes in providing specific, direct answers to questions, making it a useful resource for certain types of queries.

Yes, has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices, which allows users to search for answers and receive direct answers on the go.

Yes, can be a useful tool for research, especially for specific questions that require direct answers. However, it may not be as comprehensive as other search engines like Google for more complex research needs.

Yes, is free to use for all users, and there is no need to create an account to use its search engine.