Automated Restaurants Around The World

Automated Restaurants Around The World

Automation has made our lives easier and more efficient. Even though we can’t completely rely on technology to get our work done, we still can not deny the fact it makes a lot of things easier. In the same way, commercial spaces, and food outlets are also advancing in terms of technology. Automated restaurants are considered to have faster services and are cost-effective in the long run. From ordering to paying your bills everything can be done with the help of technology without any human interaction.

Restaurants around the world have started using this technology. While some people go for the experience of a fully automated restaurant others go there to check out the cool technology that has never failed to amaze us.

It comes to us as no surprise that when technology is taking over the world so quickly, restaurants are also using different bots and other modern technologies to be more profitable.

Here is a list of automated restaurants around the world that will leave you in awe.

1. Spyce Kitchen

Spyce kitchen is a fast-casual restaurant in Boston. The food is cooked by a 9-foot long robot kitchen. The restaurant serves grains and vegetable bowls for $7.50. Each bowl is curated by the head chef Sam Benson. The robot chef cooks the food and tosses the ingredients and puts them in the bowls for the final touch.

Even though the food is cooked by the robot, the food is served by the regular staff. The robots are only to increase the efficiency of the work. The owner of this restaurant firmly believes in human interaction and connection which is why they have regular working staff.

Tanoshi Trail

Tanoshi Trail is located in Delhi, India. This is also the first automated restaurant in Delhi. Tanoshi trial in GK-1 serves pan Asian food like dim sum, sushi, woke-tossed pork, etc. the restaurant follows the concept of minimum human contact. The customers place there orders through the tab placed on each booth and a bot in the form of a conveyor belt brings the food. The concept of this restaurant is quite interesting but we also assure you that the food is worth trying too.

Zume Pizza

A lot of pizza chains have started using automated machines. Zume Pizza located in California happens to advance in this field. The restaurant uses high-tech machines to make pizza from start to finish. the machines roll the dough, adds sauces, transfer the pizza in the oven, and takes it out once it’s done. Adding the topping and seasoning is done by human help.

This isn’t the only pizza store that uses robots to make pizzas. Little Casers is also in the line for making use of this cool technology.


Eatsa located in San Francisco is the first fully automated restaurant without any human interaction. The customers here will place their order using a kiosk what is placed in the restaurant. And make their payment as well. The food is delivered in a glass cube that will light up with the customer’s name when their food is ready.

The kitchen however is not fully automated. But the customers do not come in contact with the chefs or the staff and they work their magic behind the wall which no one gets to know.

Cafe X

This robot barista can make 2 coffees under one minute which means your order will never be late. Cafe X serves delicious coffee just like other coffee shops but the difference is that you place your order on the kiosk and watch the robot barista make your coffee with the help of other machines. The robot makes the perfect coffee according to your selection. And because a robot is doing all the work, it eliminates the discrepancies that occur in your regular coffee store.


Robot.he is a restaurant in Alibaba Hema supermarket in shanghai with robot servers. The customers come in and scans the QR code that tells the robot about your table. The customers place the order through the tables and the robot will figure out where you are seated through the QR code and will come and serve the food. After you are done another robot will come to collect the plates. One really cool feature about the bots is that when they are low on battery they will go and charge themselves.

That’s all folks. 6 automated restaurants around the world. This looks like a new concept to grasp but the food industry seems to grasp this idea at a very fast pace. For all, we know this might just be the future of restaurants. Since we can’t say anything for sure let’s just be in it for the experience of incredible technology.