Basic Dance Steps for Beginners

Basic Dance Steps for Beginners

If you are new to dancing, then you must be wondering about the basic steps to start with. You cannot move on to the advanced level of any dance discipline if your basics are not clear. Here, we are going to cover the basic dance steps of different dance disciplines. For example, ball-change is the basic dance step for samba, tap, and jazz. If you want to become a pro in any dance form, you need to have a strong grasp of the basics. Below-mentioned is the list of basic dance steps that we are going to cover in the blog below.

1. Box Step
2. Ball Change
3. Grapevine
4. Heel Turn

1. Box Step

In this dance step, your steps are going to form the shape of a square. To know more about the same, read below.

Step 1: If you are leading the dance, then take the right foot forward and then lift the left foot and then bring it equal to the right foot.

Step 2: In the next step, you need to slide. In this slide, you need to shift your complete weight. Don’t try an easy way out and do the step properly.

It is important to follow the outline of the square or box in box dancing. This is one of the common steps in Latin-style or American-style ballroom dancing.

2. Ball Change

You find this dance step in many dance disciplines such as hip-hop, lyrical, tap, and jazz. It has a crossover appeal, which is why this is one of the initial dance steps taught to the dancers. This step gets completed in two counts. In the first count, you need to shift the weight to the ball of the foot and in the next count, you need to step back to the other foot. This step is connected to one more step, which is known as “Kickball change”.

Step 1: Step your right foot forward and transfer all the weight on that foot.

Step 2: Raise the left foot and take a step back behind your right foot.

Step 3: Transfer your weight to the ball of your left foot and lift your right foot at the same time.

Step 4: Now, take your right foot backward and complete the dance move.

3. Grapevine

In the grapevine, you move your right foot to the side and then cross the same with your left foot. Step out your right foot again and keep the left foot crossing behind. This dance step is pretty common in country line dancing and Jazz.

Step 1: Move your step towards the right and then transfer your weight.

Step 2: Now, move your left foot towards the right and keep it behind your right foot.

Step 3: Then again go right with your right foot.

Step 4: Now, step right with your left foot but this time, the toes should touch the floor close to the right foot.

Step 5: Now, move left with your left foot immediately.

Step 6: Now, go left with your right foot and continue.

4. Heel Turn

In a heel turn, you turn on the heel of the supporting foot while keeping the other foot parallel. When one rotation is complete, your weight is shifted to the other foot.

Step 1: Take a step back with your right foot and turn the toes towards the body.

Step 2: Transfer the weight to your right foot’s heel and slide your left foot back.

Step 3: Slide your left foot to the right and then turn it around.

Step 4: Come back to the balls of the feet as you finish the turn.

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