Beginners Guide to Learn Easy Eye Makeup Stepwise

Beginners Guide to Learn Easy Eye Makeup Stepwise

What eye makeup does to your face is beyond captivating and is God's art. Your entire appearance is immediately transformed, giving you a ferocious and glamorous appearance. Practice, a grasp of selecting the appropriate colours, and some fundamental advice are all you need to perfect the art of beautiful eye makeup.

To apply eye makeup correctly, you do not have to be a master, so start small, then practise until you can combine this like your favourite beauty blogger! A basic eye makeup kit will have a little eye makeup brush, a limited colour scheme, and some ideas for slaying the glitzy eye makeup techniques.

Ladies, are you prepared to master flawless eye makeup? You're in the correct place, so scroll down for a quick how-to and get ready to add that much drama to all those eyes.

Easy Eye Makeup Stepwise

Apply eye primer

You must always apply an eye primer, per our request! Because of this, your eye makeup will stay in place for a longer duration of time. A smooth surface is achieved by using eye primer, which makes it easier for makeup to apply. There is no way to avoid this procedure if you have greasy lids. You can also use foundation or concealer if you don't have an eye makeup base. After applying a small quantity of eye primer and letting it dry, use an eyeshadow core to give your colours a solid foundation to decide on.

Select basic shades

It's crucial to begin your eye makeup with the primary hues; once you've mastered them, you can always get crazy adding colours or glitters. Select colours which you can use to achieve a laid-back, everyday look. You could use a highlighter in a tone sleeker than your skin tone, a mid-tone to add colour to your eyes, a smooth shade darker than your skin colour, and a touch of black to add a description.

Applying eye makeup using the brush

Glide the eye shadow brush on your eyelids, beginning with the lightest tint, and extending it outwards from the inner corner of the eyes. Applying eye makeup must always start at the inner side of your eyelid.

Making use of the blending brush

Apply the mid-tone shade with your blending brush just above the creases lines, starting this time from the outside and gliding it in smoothly. Avoid going overboard; attempt to make it appear as seamless as possible. Any colour, from neutral to one that complements your attire, can be used as the mid-tone. For just a sure bet, stick with peach, pink, and light orange.

Contour your eyes

Your eyes get much more definition via contour, making them stand out flamboyantly. A well-contoured look also harmonises your features for a polished appearance. Start from the outside corner of your eyelids and glide the deepest colour toward the crease while contouring. Keep your contour tone below the mid-tone hue at all times.

It's time to add colour to the lower lash line

The time has come to apply eye makeup to the lower lash line after finishing the eyelids. Take a small quantity of the mid-tone shade and place it on the brush. Working from the outside in, glide the brush until it touches the lighter shade you used for the highlighting. You could even dab a little eyeliner on your bottom lash just below the waterline for more drama.

Touch up

With just a few finishing touches, you'll be completely enamoured with the art of eye makeup. Your eye makeup for beginners is prepared to turn quite a few heads. Use liner to give your eyes more shape or clarity, then use a great mascara to lengthen or volumize your lashes to complete the look. You could also add fake eyelashes if you want a more striking appearance. After learning the fundamentals, let's examine some Beginner Eye Makeup Tips you must try for your upcoming event.

Hued Eyeliner

Likely, you've already seen how popular this eyeliner trend is in your surroundings. It is a beautiful way to play with colour without going crazy with your attractive appearance. It is an excellent place to start if you frequently change up your cosmetic look since there are so many different coloured liners offered. Two popular approaches were neon combined with contrasting tones and bright colours merged into a shimmering background.

Bright Blue

Different shades of blue eyeshadow are flying off the shelves, strongly indicating that this colour is popular in natural eye makeup. You could utilise this beauty trend to bring some eccentricity to makeup because it is evocative of elements of nature, such as the sky and the sea. Blue pigments, too, are simple to apply to a lash line.


How to correct flaws in eye makeup?

There's no shame in making mistakes with your natural eye makeup, even if you're an experienced artist. The best technique to correct any incorrectly applied eye shadow and liner would be applying the error using a Q-tip dampened makeup remover.

How should people over 50 apply eyeshadow?

Apply your eyeshadow evenly and broadly across the entire eyelid. The eyelid will become slightly more intense as a result of this. To produce a more defined appearance, apply a slightly darker shade on the crease after this. Slide your brush along the bone line, then descend to reach your final eyelash to locate the wrinkle.

What is applied first while applying eyeshadow?

Your shades can also be stacked horizontally, one on top of the other. Use the darkest shade, closer to your upper lash line, as just a base. Certainly keep moving upwards until you reach your brow bone.


The most fascinating Beginners Guide to Eye Makeup look is the eyes. It instantly glamorises your appearance and gives you a goddess-like feeling of attractiveness. We have a little bit that will make you reconsider checking out one for yourself, though, if you're still hesitant about it. If you're just getting started, avoid using complicated eyeshadow techniques. Instead, concentrate just on fundamentals and polish a few looks that become your go-tos for any event.