Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe

Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe

Learning about new languages and cultures is one of the biggest benefits of studying abroad. It's an event that will enable you to cross off a few items from your bucket list and transform you in ways you never anticipated.

You will undoubtedly research the universities you wish to attend when you decide to study abroad. Here is a list of the Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe to assist your research.

Places in Europe to Study Abroad

London, UK

London, considered as one of the best European cities to study abroad on the planet for the past two years (QS Student Survey), is a highly sought-after destination for students worldwide.

One drawback is that London is also not the cheapest city in the UK to study in because the cost of living is higher than elsewhere. Although there aren't many affordable alternatives, it makes up for them with top-notch universities, a fascinating melting pot of cultures, and many chances for career advancement.

Barcelona, Spain

This place is considered as one of the Top Study Abroad Cities in Europe. Two of Spain's most esteemed universities are located in Barcelona, which leads the list of all Spanish cities. The city offers a wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, and a distinctive mix of modern, traditional, and futuristic architecture.

Barcelona is a very popular travel destination for students worldwide because of its famous party scene and excellent employment prospects because of its graduates.

Paris, France

Paris has consistently placed among the top 10 best European cities to study abroad. Some of the most important mathematicians, philosophers, and scientists of the past 100 years have graduated from several schools in this famous city.

It is a fantastic addition to your resume because European firms frequently headhunt graduates of Parisian colleges. Paris is undeniably a romantic city, but it also has a high cost of living, which is only slightly offset by the relatively low tuition costs.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, is one of the best European cities to study abroad and is well known for its prosperity, orderliness, and low taxes. It is also the location of the top-ranked university in all of continental Europe. It is a very clean, well-kept, and safe city to study in. Even though living costs can be expensive, You can control them with careful forethought because tuition costs are far cheaper than in the UK and Australia.

It isn't easy to find a city which can match Zurich about natural beauty. There are a lot of lakes and gorgeous traditional buildings, and the Alps are easily accessible within a day's drive.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is well renowned for its robust financial sector, rich history, and vibrant culture. It is known to be a thriving centre for music, design, and art that can compete with New York or London.

Berlin is becoming increasingly well-liked among students hoping to get the most out of studying abroad due to the recent rise in the number of degrees provided in English and the absence of undergraduate tuition costs at most public universities.

Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh is a small city with a disproportionately high student population and is rated as the second most visited student city in the UK. It boasts an inclusive and diverse ambience that blends well with the city's historic town and internationally renowned festivals and events because 36% of the student body comprises international students.

This city is especially alluring for EU undergraduate students whose university tuition prices are fully covered by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland. Since the city is home to several of the best colleges in the UK, graduates have plenty of placement options.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna's majestic architecture with cultural treasures has long been recognised as some of the world's most liveable cities, so many students are drawn to it. This city is manageable in size, easy to navigate, and full of historical sites that people, including Mozart, Beethoven, Klimt, and even Freud, have visited.

Businesses highly acknowledge a degree from one of Vienna's top-ranked universities worldwide, and the tuition is reasonable. You won't ever feel a shortage of a student feeling in this lovely city because it has the highest student population in the German-speaking region.


It's okay if you can't choose among these Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe. With a lot of chances for adventure. You'd be amazed at how people usually neglect to spend a few weekends in their home city when travelling, so keep that in mind. Let's be one of your happiest times by getting to know the locals, stepping outside your safety zone, and trying out the languages!