Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Nothing makes your home more cozy and lively than little green plant babies. When you get plants it’s almost like getting a pet or baby. You have to take care of it. Water it, and make sure it gets enough sunlight. These plants mentioned in our list are fairly easy to take care of. They will stay alive with minimal care and effort and make your space pretty and lively.

If you are only just starting to buy plants, these ones mentioned below are the best option to go for as they require minimum space and you can easily make your indoor garden paradise.

Go through this list of the best indoor plants for your home and decide which ones you want to buy.

1. ZZ Plant

This plant requires very little water as compared to the other plants. So, even if you don’t water it for a few days it will be just fine. This plant needs bright indirect sunlight but it will do just fine in low sunlight if your room does not receive enough sunlight.

2. Asparagus Fern

This is another one of our best indoor plants which will thrive even if you suck at taking care of it. The plant does just fine in both sunny and dark spots at your place. All you got to do is make sure you keep the soil moist. Even though it’s called Asparagus this plant is not technically a fern.

3. Snake Plant

One of the most famous in the categories of best indoor plants. The plant thrives in full sun to low sunlight although indirect sunlight is ideal for these. It is generally 8inches to 12 feet tall. The plant is also an air purifier. Fun fact, this plant can go as long as one month without water. Interesting isn’t it?

4. Spider plant

These plants are quite undemanding when it comes to sunlight. They prefer bright direct sunlight but they will grow just fine in semi-shady to partial direct sun. In summers watering them every third day should be good but cut it down during winters. Do not expose them to cold drafts or you are going to lose one of your little babies.

5. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants just like the snake plant is a natural air purifier. This plant does not require a lot of water. Only water it when the soil is dry. This plant grows best in bright indirect sunlight. The indoor ones are as tall as 6 feet. Place it near your favorite spot and enjoy the fresh air.

6. Red Aglaonema

This plant has a pretty baby pink stem and beautiful red and green leaves. The plant isn’t just all about its beauty. It’s also quite forgiving which means it will be fine if you forget to water it once or twice. The plant grows just fine in bright, moderate, or low sunlight.

7. Jade Plant

Jade plants can retain water in their beautiful round leaves. The plant comes in the category of succulents. Succulents don’t if you forget to water them and when you do they rehydrate themselves and grow. Be careful about the roots of this plant as they are shallow and they might rot.

8. Air plants

These babies can grow anywhere but bright indirect sunlight is the best as it is for most indoor plants. You will have to soak them in water for 10 minutes every week and then admire their beauty for the whole week. These are so adorable and are one of the best indoor plants.

9. Cacti

It can’t be stressed enough how amazing cactus are for indoor plants. These literally require almost no care and they still stay good and pretty. They require direct bright sunlight. You have to water them once a week in summer and once in three weeks during winter. You can get a big cactus and place it near your favorite seating or get small ones and place it on your canter table. Either way, it looks beautiful.

10. Calathea

Calathea is such a pretty plant. It looks luxurious with its dramatic foliage. No wonder because it puts on quite a show with it’s purple, green, and red leaves. It is to be kept moist, not drenched and is not to be put in bright sunlight.

That’s our list of the ten best indoor plants for your home. Wishing happy green babies to you.