Best Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Best Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Creamy and saucy Pasta with assorted Mushrooms

Wanna save time from cooking regular meals or are in a hurry for some get-together, Creamy and saucy Pasta with assorted mushrooms is the solution as it is one of the best vegetarian pasta recipes you can try cooking in just a few minutes. This delicious dish takes effect with desiccated mushrooms tossed on creamy pasta and served with lemon, Parmesan and black pepper sprinkled all over. You can alternatively have Maitake Mushrooms or Sinewy Oysters tossed into the creamy sauce in place for mushrooms for the seasoning part. Well whatever be the garnishing element, here is presented the ingredients along with the step-by-step procedure to get this vegetarian pasta recipe cooked in just a few minutes.

Ingredients for this vegetarian pasta recipe

1 - 4 Tablespoon Olive Oil.
2 - 1 pound mushroom cut into small pieces (You can have Oysters or Maitakes mushrooms either).
3 - Finely chopped 2 shallots (You may also choose onion)
4 - 1 pound of Spaghetti
5 - Half Cup thick and heavy cream
6 - Little peeling of lemon and juice of a half lemon
7 - One-third cup of finely chopped Parsely
8 - 2 Tablespoon plain unsalted butter
9 - Half an ounce grated Parmesan
10 - Freshly ground Black Pepper


Step 1 - Simply start by heating 2 Tablespoons of oil in a large pot at a medium flame. Place almost 1/2 of the mushrooms in the heated oil lightly until the edges of the mushrooms begin turning brown and crisp for about three minutes. Keep tossing the mushrooms a couple of times and keep cooking it till the time sides actually turn brown and crisp for the next five minutes. Use a different spoon to keep mushrooms in a different plate followed by sprinkling a little salt over it. Repeat this process for the remaining mushrooms, two tablespoons of oil, and salt.

Step 2 - Now reduce the flame to a low-medium degree and transfer all the mushrooms along with the Shallots to the pot and allow it to cook. Keep stirring until Shallots turn light brown and textured for about two minutes.

Step 3 - In the meantime boil pasta in salted water and keep stirring the pasta on a few occasions for about two minutes less than what has been directed in the Pasta package in the wake of cooking this vegetarian pasta recipe.

Step 4 - By using the tongs transfer the boiled Pasta to the pot containing mushrooms followed by adding cream and Pasta to the cooking oil. Increase the heat to medium and allow the Pasta and mushroom to simmer. Cook it slightly more and keep tossing the Pasta for about three minutes until it reaches a stage when it can be easily bitten. Also, see that the oil gets thickened slightly.

Step 5 - Now it is time to remove the pot from the heat. Serve it on a big plate followed by adding the Lemon peelings, some lemon extract, a bit of Parsley, Parmesan, and some amount of Black Pepper.

Step 6 - Divide Pasta into different bowls and garnish it with more Parmesan and continue enjoying this delicious vegetarian pasta recipe anytime.