Billionaire Women In The World

Billionaire Women In The World

Forbes released its list of billionaire women which includes 234 women in the world. A lot of familiar faces come back as the richest women in the world. Forbes used the stock prices and exchange rates to calculate the net worth of these women. Here we have the top 10 richest women in the world with some interesting facts about them.

Last year the list had 244 women whereas this year it has 234 women. All women together are worth 927.4 billion dollars which is 29.4 billion dollars more than last year despite the economic instability. 7 of these women share their fortune with their family. In the list of 234 women, 19 women are new. Take a read at the top richest women in the world.

1. Gina Rinehart

Net Worth: $13.1 Billion

Source: Mining

Country: Australia

Gina Rinehart is from Australia with a net worth of 13.1 billion dollars. Her wealth comes from mining. She is the daughter of an iron-ore explorer Lang Hancock and she built her empire on iron ore. A major part of her wealth comes from the Roy Hill mining project. They started shipment in Asia in the year 2015. They are also the third-largest cattle producer. Her wealth went down by 2billion dollars in past one year due to the coronavirus pandemic that brought down the value of her mining business.

2. Zhong Huijuan

Net Worth: $ 14.6 Billion

Source of Wealth: Pharmaceuticals

Country: China

She is the chairman of a Chinese drugmaker company called Hansoh Pharmaceutical. She married the chairman of Jiangsu hengrui medicine, sun piaoyang who is also a billionaire. She shares her wealth with her daughter and owns more than three quarters of Hansoh Pharmaceutical. Hansoh Pharmaceutical went public on June 2019 in the hong kong stock exchange. The headquarter of Hansoh Pharmaceutical os located in Chinese Coastal city of Lianyungang.

3. Laurene Powell Jobs & Family

Net Worth: $ 16.4 Billion

Source of Wealth: Apple, Disney

Country: United States

Laurene Powell Jobs is the widow of steve jobs who was a co-founder of apple. She os the head of a hybrid philanthropic and investing limited liability company, Emerson Collective which she founded in the year 2016. She has put her fortune to work through Emerson Collective. The company has its share in Disney. Ther wealth went down by 2.2 billion dollars due to the decline in share prices of Disney.

4. Susanne Klatten

Net Worth: $16.8 Billion

Source of Wealth: BMW, Pharmaceuticals

Country: Germany

The net worth of Susanne Klatten who is an heir to carmaker BMW went down by 20% in last year. Due to the COVID pandemic in, the stocks fell down by 24% and the car sales slowed down in f\the first half of March. She owns the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical corporation called Atlanta. She is the daughter of the legendary industrialist Herber Quandt. She transformed her grandfather’s Atlanta AG into a world class pharmaceutical corporation.

5. Yang Huiyan & Family

Net Worth: $ 20.3 Billion

Source of Wealth: Real Estate

Country: China

She is the owner of 57% a real estate company country garden which is founded and chaired by her father. Her younger sister also sits on the board. She chairs a Chinese education company named Bright Scholar education that went public in year 2017 on the new york stock exchange. the y have set up automated food serving workstation during the covid 19 pandemic to serve chinese medical workers.

6. Jacqueline Mars

Net Worth: $ 24.7 Billion

Source of Wealth: Candy, Pet Food

Country: United States

Jacquleine mars inherited 35 billion dollars & one third of the candy company called m&m and mily way bars. Her brother also inherited the same fortune which now belongs to his four daughter who owns the rest of the mars, a vet care business and a big pet food company. The chairman of the company now is her step son Stephen Badger. Jacqueline served the company for 20 years until 2016.

7. Mackenzie Bezos

Net Worth: $36 Billion

Source of Wealth: Amazon.Com

Country: United States

Mackenzie Bezos is an author. She inherited a quarter of the fortune of the richest man in the world, jeff bezos. She signed a giving pledge in which she promises to give away half he fortune in may 2019. She met jef bezos in 1992 when they both worked at hedge fund D. E. Shaw. they moved to seattle after the got married in 1994. She is also the founder of an anti bullying organization named bystander revoution.

8. Alice Walton

Net Worth: $54.4 Billion

Source of Wealth: Walmart

Country: United States

ALice walton is the daughter of Walmart am Walton. She is more focused on curating art rather than working for walmart. She has hopened a museum of american art named crystal bridges in year 2011. She lost her spot to l’oreal owner heiress francoise bettencourt in year 2019 but she is back on top now. Even though the economy isn’t going very good her fortune increased by 23% since last year. She does not play an active role in walmart but she helps lead walton family foundation will hep charter school to invest in it and to renovate facilities.

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