Bohemian Interior Design : Tips And Tricks

Bohemian Interior Design : Tips And Tricks

Bohemian is such a vast and trendy style. It’s popular, cozy, and beautiful. Bohemian is a term used to refer to people who live a nomadic lifestyle. This term gained popularity in the 60s and 70s and in the present it is used as an adjective to describe the carefree, natural, and unconventional lifestyle. This style embraces layered textures, patterns, colors, vintage pieces, and antique furniture pieces and artifacts.

This style is eclectic and has a charm to it. It often appeals to people who want to give their space a personal touch. So, all that hype is obviously for a reason. If you are a fan of the bohemian style you must know no two rooms can ever be alike because the style offers so much variation and an opportunity to play with patterns and colors. So, if you are looking for your own unique style, bohemian is it. You’ve found your style. Here are some tips and tricks that you can begin with while designing your space in this style.

1. Layering is the game

Combinations are the key to bohemian design. This style is all about mixing designs of color patterns. You can layer pattern on patter or pattern on color. You can bring in a modern element and combine it with an antique piece. Basically, the sky's the limit when you talk about layering in a bohemian style. The style is all about individuality. Having an understanding of your taste in colors and patterns and using it to find the right elements to layer with the furniture pieces and artifacts is how you change the game when it comes to styling bohemian interiors.

2. Green Babies

If you want to make your space look alive have something that’s alive. Plants are the life of your home. The way they can transform a space is very underrated. Having plants gives your space a very cozy feel to it. And when we are talking about hippies, natural and unconventional, there is no way we are leaving out the plants. Get funky pots, beautiful succulents, or plains pots and layer it with a patterned base. These plants and pots are the essences of a bohemian house.

3. Go for the Antiques

Although there is no limit to choosing your furniture and artifacts as layering them with the right thing can make up for the bohemian look but we suggest try looking for antiques. Like and an antique centerpiece or an antique cabinet. Antique artifacts. Basically, anything that can draw attention on its own and is a conversation starter. Like the things that scream there is a story behind it. So, going for antiques is the easiest way to create a bohemian look.

4. Natural and handmade

Bohemian is all about individuality. Therefore, handmade and natural things have a special space in this column. Rugs, Tapestries, Carpets, artifacts, wall hangings, painting, sculptures scream individuality. And also since those local crafters are getting their profit makes it a win-win situation for everyone. Also wood is a very important element when it comes to styling. Just like plants, wood also instantly adds more coziness to space. Therefore, adding little wooden things like a lamp or wickers is going to give the cozy environment.

5. Don’t shy away from colors

People often avoid the use of bright colors in the fear that they might go wrong with it. But we assure you that it’s all about being unconventional. There are simply no rules to decorating when it comes to bohemian style. Even though this style is well known through it’s warm and earthly color palette, you can still mix and match and use cold metallic colors. Using light colors for the base and then layering them up with bold bright colors and textures Is your way to go. Layering up bright colors with patterns is also very unique.

6. Lightings

Instead of overhead fixtures use multiple candles, floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces to give variation. With the wide range of lights available, there is no way, you will just stick to overhead lighting. One very important thing to note here is bohemian is a little more inclined towards warm lights and natural lights but if that’s not your taste you can always mix and match.

Those are all the tips and tricks we had for you to help you style your bohemian interior space. Finally, put together, your bohemian interior space should be able to speak for itself. Every item must be unique but must be in harmony with space. Every artifact in your space is essential.

Keep this in mind when you are designing your space. Good luck.