Books You Must Read Once In This Lifetime

Books You Must Read Once In This Lifetime

Books can make you travel the world through your room. Start reading and you will live the life of many characters which is so beautifully written on those pages which as you turn makes you sad, happy, anxious, and excited. It’s magical how a book can make you feel so many things, it can make you question so many things, and sometimes it can simply make you feel alright somehow.

All of us have our own opinions, thoughts, our own images of every book we read. There are all sorts of books. Books filled with fantasy, books with so much realism that it’s almost heartbreaking, books on the life of inspiring individuals. There are so many books and it’s really unfair to make a shortlist of books you must read. But the list here includes the books from all the times that made an impact, a statement. The writers of these books are known in the world for their beautiful way of writing and their stories are considered the greatest of all times.

1. Anna Karenina

Written by a Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy, this book revolves around two stories one is of Anna Karenina, a married woman who falls in love with Count Vronsky and risks everything to pursue her love which ended so very tragically. The other story in the book revolves around Levin and his struggles in life. This book is one of the greatest novels in the history of literature. It is rightly said because it is not only way ahead of its time but also it makes you question various things about life and society. “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” is one of the most famous lines of the book.

2. Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is one of the books you must read. This is the writer's only book. It makes you angry, sad, annoyed so many things all at once. The story includes 3 generations but daily revolves around Heathcliff and Catherine Ernshaw. The book is filled with so much drama that you will not be apple to put it down until you finish reading it. The book has so many beautiful lines but ”Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” remains to be our favorite.

3. Jane Eyre

Written by Charlotte Bronte, jane eyre is a book way ahead of its time. This book written in 1847, talks about feminism and the struggles of Jane Eyre to become something of herself in the world. The story of this woman’s determination gets her through many hardships in her life. Her journey is so moving, so powerful and it might make you change the way you see life. Therefore, this is one of the books you must read if you are trying to get some motivation and entertainment at the same time.

4. Pride and prejudice

Jane Austen’s most famous literary work is one of the boos you must read. The book has astounding humor and some very witty lines. The opening life of the book is “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife”. And you know when the opening line is as interesting as that, you are in for a treat. The story revolves around Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy and how caste and class can create an enormous amount of misunderstandings.

5. The great gatsby

The great gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the book is so dreamy filled with lights and parties, and romance. The book captures the essence of the jazz era so well that you’ll feel like you are living it. The story revolves around Gatbsy who falls in love with Daisy and loses the sense of his moral compass. Gatsby’s failure to attain happiness even after all that he had left the readers wonders the American dream is at last unattainable.

6. The Book Theif

The book thief is the most famous work of Markus Zakus. The story will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. The story is about a young girl Liesel whose family hides a Jewish fighter in their basement. The friendship between the fighter and the liesel is beautiful and so very heartbreaking. This is of the books you must read without any second that no matter what.

7. The Kite Runner

The kite runner by Khaled Hosseini tells you about changing the political picture of Afghanistan from 197- to the time when 9/11 took place. The story deals with cultural and class differences as Amir, the son of a wealthy merchant becomes very good friends with his father’s servant’s son. The tale is about the power of forgiveness and the love of friendship which will make your heart warm.

So, if you have not already read these books, go buy them right now and we are assuring you you will not be bored. These are some of the best works of literature and makes our list of the books you must read once in a lifetime. You must give it a go.

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