Cool Tech Gadgets On Amazon Now

Cool Tech Gadgets On Amazon Now

Whether you are old or young amazon always has something new for you. You don’t have to be a tech freak to love gadgets. Even though it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest technology with so many new things coming out every day we can all try and keep a track of some of the best gadgets that are not only smart but also quite efficient.

Here is a list of cool tech gadgets on Amazon Now that you should totally try out.

1. Tile Mate

Are you very forgetful? Do you often misplace your wallet, your keys, and other little things? And you have often thought if only there was a little buzzer you could put on your wallet and press a button so it will ring and you don’t have to search the whole house. Well, then this is exactly what you need. Tile mate is like a sticker that you can put on anything and then you download the tile app. And when something is lost you can simply ring the buzzer through the app. Super Cool tech gadgets on Amazon Now. Easy right?

2. Wt2 Language Translator earbuds

Yes. this is what you think it is. An actual translator. These earbuds can simultaneously translate 40 languages and 93 accents. This is just like one of those translation tools that Doraemon has. This is an amazing cool tech gadget on Amazon now. You should totally try it out.

3. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

How about a reusable notebook? Rocketbook smart notebook is one of the cool tech gadgets on Amazon that will blow your mind. You can take notes and then transfer it to your iCloud or google drive through the rocket app. Then you put your notebook in a Microwave (yes, the one in the kitchen) and voila, you get a new notebook again. This gadget is super cool as it is a great initiative for the environment.

4. Philips Somneo Sleep and wake up light

Like the name suggests this device is a sleep and wake-up light that creates a very soothing ambiance. This device is clinically proven to have calming properties which relaxes your mind and help you get better sleep so you wake up refreshed. The device can simulate natural sunset and sunrise and also plays soothing sounds that help you relax.

5. Lollipop baby camera

Being a new parent you are always conscious about leaving your kid alone. The lollipop baby camera will put some of your worries as a parent to rest. This is a cute high-tech baby monitor that also plays lullabies and white noises. This little cute device also detects and keeps track of your baby’s crying voice and his sleeping patterns.

6. Echo Show

Echos Show is a video-equipped speaker that most of your things (like video calls, playing videos, music, etc). You can totally gift it to anyone who cooks often or is learning an instrument or something as they can put it in front of them and enjoy the learning experience.

7. WAKEcup self-cleaning water bottle

So, how often do you clean your water bottle? Is your water bottle clean enough as you can not physically scrub it from the inside? WAKEcup self-cleaning water bottle cleaning water bottle cleans itself with the ultraviolet LED light in the lid that cleans the bottle up within three minutes.

8. Tesla coil USB rechargeable lighter

Electric rechargeable lighters are new in-game but we can’t deny that they are pretty cool. Fluid lighters run out of fuel too quickly and the good old-fashioned American classic has an extra expense of the fluid and butane canisters. But this Tesla Lights will give you about 300 flames per charge and is also environment friendly.