Different Style Hacks You Must Try

Different Style Hacks You Must Try

With everchanging fashion trends, we all feel like upgrading our wardrobe every now and then.

We also do so because many of us fail to use accessories and details properly, don’t match colors correctly, or go to the wrong stores for shopping. A lot of people end up making bad style decisions and we fill up our closet with the stuff that we never wear. Well, if you are bad with styling, then you try some style hacks that can give you a trendy look.

1. Keep your outfit in mind

You need to have a complete idea of the outfit and the accessories you are going to wear along with it. Not having the right image in mind lends to wrong decisions and we end up purchasing something we never wear. Before you go ahead and buy a top or dress, you must check if you have any matching accessories for the same or not. If some options come to your mind, then only make a purchase.

2. Buy outfits that compliment your personality

The outfit you buy must compliment you and express your personality. It must be appropriate for your body’s particularities, status, and age. If you are in your 20’s, then you can go for light dresses as they can give you more of a fresh look than heavy and expensive items. If you are in your late 30’s, then you must purchase branded dresses that have designs, cuts, and high-quality fabrics. This is one of the popular style hacks.

3. Calculate the actual price of clothing

The dress you buy must be worth the price you are paying. The calculation is simple. You just need to divide the price of the item by the number of times you will wear that item of clothing. This will save unnecessary spending and you will learn how to shop for what you really need. Such kind of approach also helps you when you shop for something expensive.

4. Keep at least 4 top options for every bottom

You must have multiple top options for the bottoms you wear. The top is the main item in your attire. If you wear the same top with different bottoms, people won’t notice any change in your outfit. But if you match different tops with one bottom, then that gives a whole new look to your outfit. This hack allows you to do some money-saving as well.

5. Combine formals with casuals

One of the popular style hacks that you can try is combining formal attire with casuals. This means that you can wear your party shoes and fancy earrings with ripped jeans and a top. You can add bold details to your look by adding leather bracelets and sunglasses.

So, the above-mentioned are some common style hacks that you can try to give yourself a trendy look. You can also try other hacks like using unexpected color combinations or you can wear different fabrics of the same shade and give yourself a total look.