Easy Hairstyles to do at Home

Easy Hairstyles to do at Home

Are you going to a party but can't think of the perfect hairstyle that will give your hair a beautiful look. If yes, then here we are available with some easy hairstyles that you can do in just 5 minutes. So, let's read about these easy hairstyles one by one.

1) Perfect Party Glam Roll

Perfect Party Glam Roll Hairstyles to do at Home - LiveDownloading

It is easy to do a perfect party glam roll. If you are planning to g to a birthday party, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. To see how it's done, take a look below.

Step 1: Part your hair in line with arch in your left eyebrow. If you wish to get a straight art, then you can d that by using your pinky finger. Once your hair is parted, use a curling iron to bend your hair.

Step 2: Create sections and then hold the hair to the right of your part.

Step 3: Now, take a rattail comb and then wrap your hair around its stem.

Step 4: Hold the comb where it is and secure it by using a bobby pin.

Step 5: In order to keep the roll in its place, secure it with more bobby pins.

Step 6: Pull the roll tight to lock it in its place.

2) Sexy Side Braid

Sexy Side Braid Hairstyles to do at Home - LiveDownloading

Another one of the easy-to-do hairstyles at home is a sexy side braid. To create this beautiful look, read the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Before you begin with the braiding, create the texture by using a texturizing spray.

Step 2: Clip the front section of your hair. When you clip the front part of your hair, you are easily able to tease the hair behind it.

Step 3: Now in the next step, you gotta tease your hair. Start with the hair behind the clip and then use a rattail comb to tease your hair back to the crown in order to increase the volume.

Step 4: After that, begin with french braiding. Now, take a section that is an inch and a half thick on each of the sides of your head. Make sure they are in line with your temples and then start french braiding.

Step 5: Begin with braiding all your hair and pull the braid to one side. Now, take a clear elastic and use it to wrap a small part of your hair from the ends around the hair tie.

Step 6: Now, pull the braid part using your fingers in order to give yourself a thicker cool girl appearance.

Step 7: Take out the clip that you used to tie the front of your head and then tease that section using a rattail comb. You need to do this before you blend with your remaining hair.

Step 8: Now, apply the texturizing spray once again to your hair.

3) Chic Side Bun

Chic Side Bun Hairstyles to do at Home - LiveDownloading

This is one of the easiest hairstyles and you can easily do it at home. Below are the steps that you need to follow to make a chic side bun.

Step 1: Take a large barrel and then curl your hair using it. This will form big waves.

Step 2: Hold your hair behind your right hair and then make a ponytail.

Step 3: Now, take an elastic band and secure your hair.

Step 4: After that, use a rattail comb to backcomb your hair. Also, use a beach spray.

Step 5: Now, split your hair in half and make two pigtails.

Step 6: Now, take one-inch section from the ponytails and start pinning them into a bun. Make a loose bun.

4) Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hairstyles to do at Home - LiveDownloading

Do you like a pretty mermaid hair look? Here's how you can get it.

Step 1: Work with the natural texture. In case your hair is straight, then worry not as you can flat-iron it. In case you have curly hair, then you need to straighten it out.

Step 2: After that, divide your hair into two parts i.e., front and back.

Step 3: Curl under and then wrap over. Start with the left side of the part and hold the iron in the horizontal position. Now, wrap the hair you gathered under the barrel and then wrap it around the rod. Worry not, if your hair twists while you wrap it. This will give you perfect mermaid wavy hair.

Step 4: Once you are done curling every section of your hair in the front part, pin it up. Now, allow the curls to cool and set.

Step 5: Now, return to the back section. After curling and clipping the back section of your hair. Apply makeup and allow the curls to cool down.

Step 6: Once your hair is cool, brush it gently using a bristle brush to give it a sexy and uniform wave.

Step 7: Now, spruce up the curls and use a shine spray to mist the waves.

So, these were some of the easy hairstyles that you can do at home.