Easy Recipes For Bachelors

Easy Recipes For Bachelors

Do you stay alone? Then you must be aware of the struggles of managing your home and working. Sometimes you just get no time to cook or clean because the work is too hectic or you are too tired to cook. But then you can’t eat junk food every day.

And now during the lockdown, most of you are working from home but even then cooking is such a struggle for bachelors and you can’t even order from outside. Cooking requires so much patience and effort and bachelors out there know the struggle. Maybe it’s because you are just lazy or you have a lot of work we have put together a list of easy recipes for Bachelors. These dishes are not only easy to cook but are also healthy.

1. Khichdi

This one has to be on the top of your Easy recipes for bachelors list. Khichdi is not only easy to make but is also very healthy. All you need to do is add daal, chawal, veggies, and spices according to your taste in a pressure cooker and wait for 10 mins and there you go. Your khichdi is ready. You can replace rice with oats or dalia and get a healthy meal with all the nutrition that your body needs.

2. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are not only filling but are also very tasty. A great evening snack. You can make only veggies sandwiches or cheese sandwiches. All of them are super easy and you can make them in no time. If you want it to be more on the healthy side you can use brown or multi-grain bread instead of white bread. Cut cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes for the filing. Mis them us with mayo and the filling is ready. Take your bread, and put the filling in it. And voila, your sandwich is ready.

3. Pizza with a ready-made base

It’s quite safe to say that we all love pizza. It’s one of those dishes that we just can’t say no to. And with quarantine going on ordering from outside seems quite risky. Which is why making a pizza at home is our only option. But guess our tasty pizza is quite easy to make at home. All you need is a pizza base which is easily available at any grocery store. Some veggies cheese and pizza sauce. And that’s it. You put the pizza sauce veggies and lots of cheese on your pizza base and put it in the oven. That’s it. Your tasty pizza is ready.

4. Fruit Salad

Something tasty and super healthy. It helps you lose weight and have a good metabolism. Season fruits are especially recommended and are considered to be very healthy. Therefore you can easily make a fruit salad at home with bananas, apples, mangoes, kiwis, and other fruits. Hop these fruits squeeze a lemon and put some chat masala and there you go your tasty and healthy fruit salad is ready.

5. Eggs

Eggs are like a savior for every bachelor. Easy to cook healthy and there are so many different ways you can cook them. Boil them put some chat masala cut some onions and your boiled eggs are ready. Omelet is also super easy to make. You can also make egg roulade. You will need a chicken or soya filling and an omelet of three eggs. Then you fill the omelet with this filling and cut it into pieces and your egg roulade is ready. This dish is very filling and very tasty.

6. Roti Taco

Ever had leftover roti and sabzi but you just don’t want to eat it? This is one of our easy recipes for bachelors that you really should try. All you need is your leftover roti, sabzi, cheese, mayo our very favorite alloo bhujia and that’s it. You mix your cheese and mayo and alloo bhujia in the sabzi and put it in the roti as filling, and there you go. Your roti taco is ready. You get something new and tasty.

7. Smoothies

If you are often running late you can totally replace your breakfast with a smoothie bowl. Since we have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day smoothies are your way to go. Made with milk yogurt and fruits these are absolutely perfect for your breakfast meal. Get milk and flavored yogurt, bananas/strawberries and mix it up in the mixer cut some fruits and there you go your smoothie bowl is ready.

There you go. 7 easy recipes for bachelors. These are all super easy and super healthy