Fashion Bloggers, You Should Follow For The Latest Trends

Fashion Bloggers, You Should Follow For The Latest Trends

Fashion blogs have been going on around for the past 2 decades. But in today’s time blogging has a whole new meaning. As for earlier days, we had separate blog pages and limited people in the field, today if you are unique, creative, and hardworking you can start through your Insta page without any trouble and reach platforms that were not very easy to access back in day.

Fashion is about individuality. It is simply how well you can express yourself with what you wear. Every individual has a unique style, it is how well you can express it through fashion that makes you stand out in this field. The fashion bloggers who have made it to the top are bold, brave, and unapologetic in their expression of style which makes them every bit worthy of the admiration their followers have for them.

Here is a list of top Fashion bloggers that you should follow for the latest trends.

1. Lisa Gachet

Lisa Gachet is a Persian fashion blogger who started blogging a few years ago. She is a DIY queen and she has recently launched a brand called do-it-yourself fashion. She says it represents what she truly believes in. Her concept is making clothing that reflects an individual’s personality and is also affordable. She has a colorful feed and a very unique brand.

Blog –

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2. Trishana Goklani

Trishna Goklani is a social media editor of paradise row in the Uk and is also an influencer. She is new but her style is fresh, timeless, underrated, and just plain cool. Her style is very chic and clean which is forever trendy. Follow her the best forever pieces. Especially the little black dress and a leather jacket.

Insta - @Trishnagolanki

3. Komal Pandey

One of India’s top fashion bloggers. Her journey is quite inspiring and her style is also very unique. She also won the cosmopolitan best fashion blog award 2019. Her style varies from chic to bohemian to straight-up savage. If you are looking for really cool ways to drape a saree and mix and match different clothing items, we suggest you check her out.

Insta - @koamlpandeyofficial

4. Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg’s style is not just cool but it also tells you how you don’t need to be lean and thin to be stylish. She started off a decade ago and has been very successful in her journey. She has set real standards. No doubt there. Her confidence in how she carries her style is impeccable. She promotes body positivity through her vibrant and colorful style. She also introduced “fatkini” in collaboration with “playful promises” and “swimsuits”. This girl here really showed us how it’s done. Plus size or not we suggest you check her out.

Insta - @gabifresh

5. Lyn salter

We say this very seriously, lyn salter is one of her kind and the world surely needs more people like her. This lady right here proved that age is just a number. Fashion has no limits. Lyn salter is 65 years old and looks so refreshing with her coffee-white hair. Her street style is iconic and she pulls it off like a boss. Her floral kimonos, long jackets, and oversized sunglasses make a statement. She has 744k followers on Insta. Keep serving Lyn. The world is grateful to have you.

Insta - @iconaccidental

6. Tami Reed

Tami reed is so lively and amazing that you will not even have to put in an effort to like her. Tami style and personality shine differently in-crowd which is why big brands caught the attention in no time. Her journey from being a red carpet-consultant to an entrepreneur is very inspiring. She is a Multi Award-Winning Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Content Creator. You can follow her for the latest trends and also keep up with everything big that is happening in Hollywood. Tami never disappoints.

Insta - @talkingwithtami

7. Kat Farmer

Kat farmer is 46 years old and is a fashion blogger, personal stylist, and wardrobe consultant. She truly believes in “Forget the rules. If you like it wear it.” She has an exciting way of pairing floral, feminine pieces but she can rock that sassy look just the same. She is a stylist in You are what you wear on BBC1. go check her out.

Insta - @diesmybumlook40

That is our list of 7 fashion bloggers around the world that set some major trends and made head turn. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.