How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 0x426-0x0?

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 0x426-0x0?

Microsoft applications are the heart and soul of a Windows computer. One cannot imagine operating the computer without these applications. You can find some alternatives online but they stand nowhere when you compare them with MS office applications. Therefore, it is better to apply a solution to fix the problem rather than go for an alternate. Many users have reported Microsoft office error code 0x426-0x0. If you are also encountering this error, then worry not as here we are available with the perfect solutions to fix your problem. But before we go ahead with the solutions, let us first get to know what is the error code 0x426-0x0.

What is Microsoft office error code 0x426-0x0?

This error code appears when something wrong happens with the processes and files related to the update process and installation. This error code shows up when you try to open your Office program. There is a chance that the problem is related to the program. However, in some cases, it may look like there is something wrong with the entire Office suite.

How to resolve Microsoft Office error code 0x426-0x0?

In order to resolve this error code, you need to fix your underlying issue. Below are some solutions that you can try out to fix this problem.

Solution 1: Repair Office

Faulty installation files can be one of the causes of this issue. So, if you try to fix them, then you may be able to fix your problem. This is an effective solution and it helps out many users. There are two methods that you can apply to fix Microsoft Office. You can either go through the Settings app or Control Panel. In case the installation is click-to-run, then go to the Settings app and use the Apps and Features section.

Below are the simple steps that you need to carry out in order to repair the whole Office Suite.

Step 1: Go to the taskbar and then right-click on the logo of Windows.
Step 2: Now, go to the menu and then select the option of Apps and Features.
Step 3: When the interface opens up, search for Microsoft Office.
Step 4: Now, launch your Microsoft Office and select the Modify button.
Step 5: After that, the User Account Control button will appear before you.
Step 6: Now, you will see a dialog window that will ask you to repair the Office programs.
Step 7: The Quick Repair tool will use an offline utility that stays in your system to diagnose the issue and resolve them. In case it does not resolve your problem, then try running Online Repair.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to use the control panel:

Step 1: Press the Windows key and R key simultaneously to launch the Run dialog window.
Step 2: Once it launches, enter Control Panel in it and then press enter.
Step 3: When the Control Panel opens up, go to Programs and then choose the option of Uninstall a Program.
Step 4: Now, the apps and features window will be displayed on your screen.
Step 5: After that, start searching for Microsoft Office. Now, right-click on it and then choose the option of Change.
Step 6: A repair dialog box will appear before you, carry out the instructions appearing on the screen to complete the process.

Solution 2: Turn on the lick-on-run Service

This technology helps in the faster installation of Microsoft Office. This service is deployed for office updates. With the help of this service, you can use your applications while the updates are being installed. It performs the download and installation work in the background. Moreover, it enables you to get your work done without any interruptions.

One must turn on this service in order to run it. In case it is disabled and you feel like installing certain updates, then it won’t be possible for you to run the program. So, if the Microsoft Office error code 0x426-0x0 is still occurring, then you need to turn on the Click-to-Run service. Below are the steps that you need to carry out in order to turn on the Click-to-Run service.

Step 1: First of all, press the Windows and S keys on your keyboard together to open the Seach function.
Step 2: When the search box will open up before you, enter “Services” in the search area.
Step 3: Now, select Services from the search results appearing before you.
Step 4: When the services application opens up, you must go to the services on your system and then search for the option of Microsoft Office Click-to-Run service.
Step 5: When you find the service, then double-click on it.
Step 6: Then, a property window will open up before you. There, you need to remain in the General tab.
Step 7: Then, you need to open the Startup Type drop-down menu and click on Automatic. When you do this, the service will start automatically.
Step 8: In case the service is not running, then you can select the option Service Status” by going to the Start Menu.
Step 9: Now, save changes by clicking on Ok.

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