Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet

A woman needs to be very careful about what she eats during pregnancy as whatever she is eating is going to impact the life living inside her. It is vital for a woman to take a healthy diet for the proper development of the baby. To meet the daily, nutritional requirements, you must consume healthy foods like veggies, fruits, and whole grains. However, having fruits and veggies is not enough. There are certain fruits and veggies that one must not consume during pregnancy. Here, we are going to talk about different fruits that you must not eat during pregnancy.

A lot of fruits have required minerals and vitamins that a body needs at the time of pregnancy. However, there are some fruits that affect the fetus's health and can even lead to a miscarriage. Here, we have listed the fruits to avoid during pregnancy.

1. Pineapple

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet - Pineapple

This is one fruit that you must avoid during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Eating pineapple can lead to sharp contractions of the uterine, which can further lead to a miscarriage. Pineapple has the bromelain enzyme that breaks the protein down. This can soften the cervix and can further lead to early labor. Therefore, you must not eat pineapple during pregnancy.

2. Tamarind

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet - Tamarind

One craves for something tangy at the time of pregnancy but one must not consume tamarind as it can harm your health. This fruit works as an antidote for nausea and morning sickness. This fruit has a lot of vitamin C, which is why you must avoid it during pregnancy. High consumption of vitamin C can suppress the production of progesterone in your body. Low levels of progesterone can lead to premature birth, miscarriage, and cell damage in the fetus. Therefore, you must not consume tamarind in the first trimester of your pregnancy.

3. Papayas

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet - Papayas

Papayas are rich in vitamins and micronutrients that our body needs. However, it is advisable not to consume this fruit during pregnancy. It is also rich in latex that causes uterine contractions, bleeding and can also lead to a miscarriage. It can also affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, you must avoid unripe and ripe papayas during pregnancy.

4. Watermelon

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet - Watermelon

Watermelon is a great fruit as it helps you to detoxify your body. However, eating this fruit during pregnancy can expose the baby to toxins. Watermelon is generally good for a person's health. However, it can have undesirable effects on your baby's health. If you consume sugar in excessive quantities, then it may increase your blood sugar level. Watermelon has diuretic properties that can flush out the needed nutrients together with the toxins. Therefore, you must avoid watermelon during pregnancy.

5. Bananas

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet - Bananas

If you have gestational diabetes or allergies, then you must avoid eating bananas during pregnancy. It has chitinase, which is a latex-like substance that is called an allergen. This substance increases body heat. So, if you are allergic to chitinase, you should not eat bananas.

6. Frozen berries

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet - Frozen berries

A pregnant lady should not consume dried berries or frozen berries. It is always considered to eat fresh fruits instead of having frozen fruits. When you freeze the berries, the nutrients and flavor are lost and it can be toxic for your baby's health. Therefore, it is always recommended to have fresh berries rather than having frozen ones.

7. Dates

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy Diet - Dates

This fruit is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. However, this is one of the fruits that you must avoid eating during pregnancy. This is because this fruit heats up your body and also causes uterine contractions. So, if you are having one date in a day, then it's fine but anything more than that can lead to problems.