Healthy drink to make at home

Healthy drink to make at home

Be it a gathering of friends or an irresistible zeal to relax, a healthy drink can always complement the situation. Not just for themselves, but people for their friends and guests back at home like making healthy drinks to make the moment more celebrating and enjoyable. Today, it is increasingly becoming a new cult that people all around the world love to enjoy smoothies, shakes, and other homemade drinks on different occasions. Since it hardly takes any time to make healthy drinks at home; people have started choosing different healthy drinks to make the most of any occasion, festivity, or gathering and to serve the guests better. In this context, we take this opportunity to share with all our friends some interesting healthy drinks to make at home. So don’t just wait but take a look at this cool and soothing collection of a few popular healthy drinks that can surely quench your thirst this summer.

Pomegranate Juice

One ideal healthy drink to make at home is perhaps the Pomegranate Juice that can imbue you with a refreshing taste and can be soothing to your nerves as you move on to take more sips of Pomegranate Juice. With more antioxidants in every ml of Pomegranate juice, it offers high content of vitamins and minerals that can be healthy and equally energizing. The method to prepare this most sought-after healthy drink is to squeeze two medium-sized cups of pomegranate seeds to get a glass of refreshing Pomegranate Juice.

Lime Rickey

Lime Rickey is another non-alcohol-based mocktail that is generally considered a variation of the generic Gin Rickey drink. It is an immensely refreshing healthy drink specially meant for people exhausted from working in tiring summers. As you take one sip of Lime Rickey you would definitely feel refreshed and energetic with all your fatigue gone in a few minutes. This healthy drink is easy to make as you can get it prepared just by pouring carbonated water into a glass followed by adding freshly extracted lemon juice along with a bit of sweetener or mild sugar syrup.

Strawberry Water

It goes without saying that Strawberry Water is indeed a restorative healthy drink to make at home owing to the convenience it offers to the person making it. You can make this flavored liquid and store it in an ewer and can continue enjoying it for a couple of days. Simply, follow the aqua fresco method wherein you can blend the strawberries with a bit of lime and sugar to an extent that results in a strawberry-colored flavored water that is poised to revitalize your senses undoubtedly.

Iced Tea

Iced Tea is generally seen as an alternative to a Soda or any carbonated drink. Its refreshing flavor and color add to its elegance. Its low-calorie content can further make it the most preferred choice amongst the masses. It is even more interesting to know that in the base recipe of Iced Tea you just need two basic ingredients one being the black tea bags while the other being six cups of water. The procedure to make this healthy drink is simple and you just have to add six-packs of black tea when the water in the saucepan starts simmering. Soak all tea bags for five minutes and then add four cups of cold water to it to bring it to the room temperature. Refrigerate it further for two hours and then enjoy the tasty and yet refreshing sips to experience a fresh wave of revitalization. You can also add sugar to taste as a variation to this base recipe.


With its roots connected to Russia and China, Kombucha is a pretty satisfying homemade drink that ideally tastes like a combination of Tea and Cider. It has a tinge of acidity that really has the potential to become an alternative to soda. It is generally made by fermenting the homemade the regular sweetened tea. It is said that it has several health benefits ranging as it gets your digestion better and also helps you mitigate depression. It is made by simply making a tea and then fermenting it for 9 days after adding a SCOBY into the prepared tea. Ultimately, the essence and aroma that gets developed when Kombucha is prepared is always breathtaking and is capable of soothing your senses always.