How To Avoid Eating Fast Food?

How To Avoid Eating Fast Food?

Health is one thing we never want to compromise on. But when it comes to our cravings very few of us can say that they have it under control. Food cravings are the worst enemy of anyone who is on a diet. And it is one of the biggest reasons why people have so much trouble in losing weight and sticking to a healthy diet.

What is fast food addiction?

Yes, fast food addiction is a real thing. It has nothing to do with a person’s will power. The reward system in the brain is stimulated by junk food and it becomes addictive just like drugs such as cocaine.

Then how do you avoid eating fast food? These articles will tell you all about it. And you can start today and see what works best for you.

1. Pen down your food problems

Just as writing your thoughts down gives you more clarity, in the same way writing your food problems down will make you realize that they are real. Write down the number of times you eat fast food in a day and how you feel when it comes to giving up fast food. Also, rate your need to eat fast from 1 to 10. Figure out what kind of food that you often have craving for.

2. Make changes in your lifestyle

Planning a diet sure is a good idea but it is not a long term plan. You can not be on a diet for your whole life. And to avoid eating fast food or get rid of the addiction you need to eliminate it as it is now a part of your lifestyle. Don’t stop eating. Replace fast food with fruits, and nuts so you don’t feel hungry. Remove all the fast food items from your house. Avoid sugar and fatty acids as they make it harder to break the chain.

3. Eliminate

Replace your packet of Oreos and chips with nuts. Your soda with juice and yogurt. Now, starting with healthy eating is a major step to avoid eating fast food. Stock healthy items in your lunch box and freezer. Keep an apple in your bag. And always make sure you eat throughout the day. If you avoid eating those cravings sure will come back.

4. Drink water

If you are not really addicted to fast food and you are trying to follow a diet and control your cravings, drinking water is a good way to do it. So, next time you are craving a fast good drink a large glass of water and wait a few minutes. If the craving fades away it means you were just thirsty. We all know drinking water also has many health benefits. So do not forget to stay hydrated throughout the day.

5. Change your route

So how many of you just pick up something to eat on your way back home? Yes, now it has become a habit. So, take a different route. And still, if you see a fast food restaurant you have to tell yourself no and move past it, a little willpower will be needed if you really want to avoid eating fast food.

6. Meditate

Why meditate? One reason. It improves focus. To achieve any goal focus is very important. Meditation makes you feel calm and centered and has proved every bit useful in overcoming addiction. Start with 5-10mintues a day. Meditation guides are available online. This is a recommended way but if it doesn’t work for you, you can try other ways mentioned in this article.

7. Change restaurants

Switch to a place that serves healthy food. Google menu of restaurants around your house and workplace and see which ones have healthy food options. So, now when you go out for lunch in your break time you can go to the new restaurant and order healthy food instead of junk food.

8. Numbers

Calculate how much you spend on fast food in a month. Calculate how many calories your fast food has. Keep track of these two things for a month and you’ll know if the number is too big. And the shock will be motivation enough for you to cut down on your fast food habits.

9. Sleep well and stress less

Sleep deprivation isn’t good for the functioning of the brain. You will have a poor appetite and strong cravings. Studies show that people who are sleep deprived are more likely to be obese than those who get enough sleep.

Stress is another factor that triggers cravings. This is a major factor of weight gain in women, and men as well. But majorly in women. Try to plan ahead, meditate, and have a healthy routine to avoid a stressful lifestyle.

We wish you luck in your journey of avoiding fast food and do not forget you are what you eat. Hope this article was helpful.