How to Convert Your Word to Pdf and Customize It?

How to Convert Your Word to Pdf and Customize It?

The most straightforward approach to turn your document into a PDF when you have Microsoft Word installed on your Windows or Mac computer is within Word.

  • After opening the file you want to transform, click the "File" tab.
  • Choose "Save As" from the choices on the left of the backstage screen.
  • Next, choose where you'd like the PDF saved in the Save As window.
  • Pick "PDF (*.pdf)" from the dropdown menu by clicking the dropdown arrows next to the "Save As Type" box.
  • You can now change the filename if you so choose. Choose "Save" from the menu when you are ready.
  • When you return to your Word document after saving the PDF, the new PDF will launch automatically using your default PDF viewer.

In the Absence of Microsoft Word

You have a few choices if you want to convert a document that somebody sent you from Word to PDF converter, but you don't have Word:

Google Drive: A Word document can be uploaded to Google Drive, saved as a Google Document, and afterwards converted to PDF. This should work okay if you've got a straightforward Word document that primarily texts without that much formatting (and if you already have a Google account).

LibreOffice: The open-source, free office programme LibreOffice has many of the same capabilities as Microsoft Office. Opening and converting Microsoft Word documents to PDF is possible.

How to Convert Doc to PDF Online FREE?

  • You may drop any Microsoft Word document onto this page.
  • Watch as this programme converts the Word file you entered into PDF format.
  • View the preview and go on editing—if necessary—on the result page.
  • Click "Download" to store your PDF.

Different Ways to Convert Microsoft Word to PDF Format

Using Word on Mac

  • Launch the Microsoft Word file. To open the Word document in Word, double-click it.
  • Press File. You can find it in the screen's upper-left corner on your Mac. You'll see a menu with options.
  • Press Save As. The dropdown menu contains this choice. This causes a new window to open.
  • Type a file name here. In the "Name" text box at the top of the window, enter any name you wish for the PDF.
  • Choose a place to save. Choose the folder where you want to save your PDF by clicking it on the window's left side.
  • Select "File Format" from the text box. The window's bottom is where it is. There will be a dropdown menu.
  • Select PDF. The dropdown menu's "Export" section contains this choice.
  • Press Export. A blue button is in the bottom right corner of the window. By doing this, your PDF is saved in the designated file directory.

Using Smallpdf

  • Visit the Word-to-PDF website for Smallpdf. Access the web page on your computer.
  • To select a file, click. The centre of the Small Pdf page contains it. This will launch a Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows) interface.
  • Choose your Word file. Go to the site of your Word document, and tap it to select it.
  • Click Open. It is located in the window's lower right corner. By doing this, It will upload the Word file to Smallpdf.
  • To install a file, click. On the SmallPDF page, this choice is located in the lower-left corner. It will upload your PDF to your computer, but based on your browser's preferences; you might need to choose a storage place and confirm the download.


Your Word document can be instantly, quickly, and easily converted Documents to PDF. All you need is your file and a high-speed internet connection. You can drag and drop, browse, publish to cloud storage, or provide links to your Word document for upload. After that, you must tap "Save Changes" and wait while your file is converted. Your PDF is then available for download, saving, or additional editing.


How to save or convert to PDF?

To turn your document into a PDF, you can use Word, or PowerPoint, including OneNote for the Web. by choosing file Print (in PowerPoint, you will select one of three formats). Choose Save as PDF from the dropdown option under Printer, and afterwards, click Save.

How can I create a PDF conversion on my phone?

Here's how to save a file as a PDF on an Android device. Select Print from the File tab. Touch Save as PDF from the dropdown list if it isn't already selected, and afterwards, tap Save. Now click Save. After selecting a place for your PDF and giving it a new name (if desired), touch Save.

Is printing to PDF preferable to saving?

It will more completely copy the look and behaviour of the original document into the PDF clone if you choose to "Save As." However, additional document information, or what Microsoft refers to as "metadata," could be copied to the PDF and made available to the viewer if that's not what you want. A PDF created using the "Print" settings will resemble a printed page.