How to download a private Vimeo video in simple steps?

How to download a private Vimeo video in simple steps?

Very few people know that they can enjoy high-quality videos on Vimeo, one of the top content platforms on the Internet today. Just like other popular video streams like Youtube and Dailymotion, Vimeo brings you a free platform to enjoy unlimited awesome videos. But what actually stops an online user from doing so?

With Vimeo showcases, you can either choose to share your videos publicly or privately, in whatever way you want. Vimeo respects the decision of the video uploader to keep it either public or protected with a password. It is in the hands of the video owner whom they want to allow to watch their uploaded content. Public videos provide an easy option to download for all Vimeo users. But how to download a private Vimeo video? Though it might cause you a little inconvenience, you have to follow some additional instructions in order to do so.

It feels really bad and annoying when you see no option to download a private Vimeo video. Before we could understand how to download a private Vimeo video using Vimeo video downloader, let us first know something about the private mode of the Vimeo account.

What is a Private Vimeo account?

Private Mode is exclusively created for Vimeo Pro, Business, and Premium users only. This privacy setting for Vimeo users helps them in hiding their profile page and all of their video content from publicly appearing on Every Vimeo user has the option to make their videos private just by modifying their video privacy settings.

With Private Mode, users can step up to hide their profile page and even lock all of their videos into the "Hide from Vimeo" privacy setting. However, this setting restricts the users from using Vimeo Groups or Channels. This way users can only use the privacy settings "Hide from Vimeo" and password protection while using Private Mode.

Another question users can have in their mind is when to use the Private mode. Well, Vimeo users can go for this account setting only if they are sure about hiding their content from the public. Once the private setting is applied, public viewers cannot access the private videos on a web page. Instead, they can view and access their videos directly on the website or within Vimeo portfolios or review pages.

Another instance when users must opt for Vimeo private mode is when they are uploading any promotional or commercial videos that might have a negative impact on the viewer experience. For such scenarios, users are required to maintain a Pro, Business, Or Premium account in order to use Private Mode.

Giving a prior thought to Private Mode

Most Vimeo users are unclear about the idea of Private mode. Setting your account to private removes all your activity on, forever. In specific terms, Private Mode hides your profile from public visibility and videos from Being a private account user, you won't be able to comment or like videos, communicate with other members, or create channels or groups. Moreover, any messages, comments, likes, groups, or channels that you created before entering Private Mode will also get removed. Hence the action is irreversible. If this knowledge sounds scary then try adjusting the video settings instead of opting for Private Mode directly.

What are Showcases in Private Mode?

Many have heard about showcases in Private Mode. Now, what is that? Being in Private Mode, you can use showcases to sort your videos into different collections. However, you can only access your own showcases and cannot share those showcases with the other viewers in Private Mode. Furthermore, you won’t be able to optimize your collection using the SEO tool as Google does not index private showcases.

How to deactivate Private Mode?

Suppose that you are thinking of deactivating Private Mode. If you are a Pro, Business, Or Premium member, the privacy settings of your videos will remain the same. By switching your account to Basic, the videos that are set to "Hide this from" will show only to you.

Concluding Thoughts

Being able to control all the privacy settings of the videos is an important aspect for anybody who loves to share videos on public networks. Setting the privacy of the video is considered the primary process in the upload process. On the other hand, users who are in search of great content need to follow a series of instructions for downloading a video set to private. The steps are a little tricky and very few people know about them. In order to download any Vimeo video, you have to check the source code of the web page that hosts the private Vimeo video. Once the video file is found you can right-click the link and save it.

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