How to download Instagram Video, Photos, IGTV & Reels?

How to download Instagram Video, Photos, IGTV & Reels?

The Instagram Downloader service enables online images or video downloading from Instagram. It is effortless and compatible with any PC or mobile device browser. You may use it to install limitless, high-quality photographs from Instagram, including free Reels videos.

How to Download Instagram Videos

  • Go back to the download page after opening the page for the Instagram Reels, IGTV, or photo you wish to save, copy the URL, and then paste it there.
  • To start the uploading method, paste the URL of the movie or photo into the input area at the top of the Insta video downloader page, then select the button to the controller's right.
  • You should know that the best quality will be chosen by default, but you also have various choices if you prefer a specific rate or format.

How to Install Instagram photos to a PC or Mac

There is no native method for downloading individual Instagram photographs from your feed. Instagram has offered one concession by allowing you to retrieve your account's whole platform record in one giant bundle. In addition to many other items you may well not desire, this contains all the images and videos you've posted as posts as well as stories.

The following controversies at parent company Facebook, there is now only one "official" method for downloading your content. You made this move due to privacy concerns. You must first demand a download link through the Instagram website or app.

To get going, sign in

Go to the Instagram website, log in, and select the gear icon next to Edit Profile by clicking. Pick Security and Privacy from the available choices.

Request download

You'll reach the Account Privacy page after clicking this. Select "Request Download" after swiping down to the "Data Download" section.

Download the file by email

Hit "next" after retyping your password or email address to verify the one you'll use to access the download link. As soon as Instagram compiles your information into a downloadable file, this will email the user a link.

Although the platform states that this could take up to 48 hours, emails typically arrive within an hour or two. Please keep looking for the link because it only lasts for four days; otherwise, you'll have to begin again.

Download data

As soon as you get the email, select "Download Data." The installation will begin after you are sent to the Instagram website to log in. A zip file containing every post you've ever made, and information from every message, including records of everything you've looked up, liked, and remarked on, is included with the bundle.

Download Instagram Reels & IGTV Videos on Android

However, you can save Instagram Reels directly on Android because of various apps offered on the Google Play Store. Although most of these applications are free to use, many contain advertisements.

  • On Android, install Instagram Reels.
  • Install the FastSave app first on your Android smartphone after downloading it.
  • After installation, launch the app on your smartphone.
  • The Instagram reels you wish to save to your device are now accessible.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to select the "Share to" options.
  • Go to the sharing menu and choose "FastSave."
  • Keep waiting until the app has finished saving.
  • Once finished, you can use the app to see the recorded video. The FastSave software folder also has a link to the video.
  • You're done now. This is how to download Instagram reels using FastSave.

Download IGTV videos on Android

For those who are unaware, IGTV is a brand-new function designed specifically for Instagram Video Downloader. While Instagram Reels only permits the sharing of films up to 60 seconds long, IGTV enables the sharing of videos equal to one hour. Younger consumers who want to become content creators are the target audience for IGTV. Therefore, it may be a platform where you can share lengthy videos.

Similar to Instagram reels, there is no download button or other way to save videos on IGTV to your phone. However, you may access IGTV videos on Android by using third-party software. Let's examine the process for Online Instagram Video Downloader for IGTV to Android.

  • Install the FastSave app first on your Android smartphone after downloading it.
  • After installation, launch the app on your smartphone.
  • Open the IGTV video you wish to save right now.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to select the "Share to" option.
  • Select the "FastSave" option under the share menu.
  • Wait until the video is saved to your device by the app.
  • Once complete, you can find the video in the FastSave app folder or within the programme itself.
  • I'm done now! You're done now. This is how Android users can download IGTV videos using FastSave.


What does a video downloader for Instagram do?

It is a web application that you may use to download Instagram videos, photographs, and IGTV content. In the case that you subsequently need to use it offline.

What kinds of file formats are available for download?

The jpg file format is currently the most effective for uploading images. Regarding videos, the mp4 file format is still regarded as the most common worldwide since it offers excellent quality and a minimal video file size.

What kind of photos and movies have the best quality that I may download?

The quality of the images and videos depends on the original image submitted, but typically, Instagram only supports images with a maximum resolution of 1080 x 1350 pixels. The video is usually High Definition (720p).

How can an Instagram live video downloader be managed to recover?

When you open your video from your profile after sharing an Instagram live downloader replay, you can watch it. To access your profile, tap or click on your profile image in the lower right. Click the video you wish to watch underneath your bio.