How to fix epson filter failed mac and Windows?

How to fix epson filter failed mac and Windows?

When you are eagerly working on extracting printouts using your Epson printer, you may witness a problem “Epson filter failed Mac” wherein due to some driver-related issue your Epson printer may fail to print the required pages. This has reportedly been a major issue of late that calls for measures to fix the “Epson filter failed Mac” issue. How to fix Epson filter failed Mac? is indeed an issue that doesn’t take much of an effort as I recently got the “Epson filter failed Mac” issue fixed simply by installing the latest version of Epson printer’s driver applicable for my Mac. Consequently, I take this opportunity to share with all my friends this quick guide aimed at fixing the failed Epson filter for Mac issue.

Fix Epson Filter Failed Mac

Step 1 - Switch your Epson printer off.

Step 2 - Now go to System Preferences followed by Printers and Faxes.

Step 3 - Choose your Epson printer and remove it from the array of printers.

Step 4 - After removing the name of your Epson printer close the Printer and Fax window.

Step 5 - Now go to Library Printers thereafter navigate to find Epson folder and then delete it subsequently.

Step 6 - Then come back to the hard drive and follow this trail to delete your printer’s name Library Printers PPD Contents Resources. Now, after tracking your printer’s name from the list remove the name of your Epson printer.

Step 7 - Go to Library Cache and delete the Epson folder followed by restarting your computer.

Step 8 - Now go to the official website of your Epson printer and find your specific printer driver.

Step 9 - Download the executable file and install it by following the steps in the installation wizard.

Resetting the entire Epson printing system on Windows 10

Your Epson printer failed issue may also emanate in case your operating platform is Windows 10. Fixing this is more or less similar to what we saw in the case of fixing the Epson printer failed Mac in the earlier part of this article. But fixing the Epson printer failed on Windows 10 issue comes with its very own specifications that appeal to the entire user fraternity to have a look at this quick walkthrough in the run-up to fixing the Epson printer failed for Windows 10.

Step 1 - In a first, simply switch your Epson printer off.

Step 2 - Try disconnecting all the cables connecting your Epson printer with your laptop or computer.

Step 3 - Now on your Windows 10 go to Settings followed by Apps and then to the Apps and Features option.

Step 4 - Then select your Epson Event Manager under the Apps section to cause it to uninstall.

Step 5 - You must now restart your computer or laptop.

Step 6 - After uninstalling the Epson printer on Windows 10 simply download the Windows 10 version of the Epson printer driver from the official website of Epson and install it subsequently.

Step 7 - Now try to extract printouts using the latest Epson printer driver after plugging in all the cables and executing a dry run. If you are able to get the printouts then your Epson printer failed on Windows 10 problem will stand resolved.

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