How to install Windows 11 on your PC?

How to install Windows 11 on your PC?

Microsoft has recently revealed its most awaited Windows 11 upgrade into the market. Without a matter of doubt, all the versions out till date have provided the best in class services to its users. However, the big name, Microsoft has decided to release Windows 11 later this year, somewhere in October. The good news is that the company is providing a free update for its Windows 10 users. So, those who want to try out this latest version of Windows can check it on Windows Insiders. For some users, even after finding the right download file, they are wondering How to install Windows 11? So, here's how you can get this latest version of Windows to your PC.

How to install Windows 11 on your PC?

Significantly, Windows 11 has put forward some minimum hardware requirements that must be fulfilled to download and install the Insider Preview build. Although we have discussed them in our next segment, you may even check those requirements from the Microsoft website.

What configuration do you need for Windows 11?

Windows 11 works on a configuration with a processor having two or more cores and a clock speed of 1GHz or higher. Talking about its memory requirement, it should have a RAM of 4GB or more, and up to 64GB of storage. The highlight features of this Windows version include TPM security version of TPM 1.2 or higher and Secure Boot functionality support. Unfortunately, these two new compatibility strokes are the cause of most Windows 11 installation error nowadays. So, those are the basic requirements for installing Windows 11. While most of the modern PCs may even have some additional details available as well.

How to install Windows 11 Insider preview?

Before working with the steps on how to install Windows 11, you need to download Windows 11 Insider Preview on your system. Importantly, you must know that Insider Preview builds are specifically designed for testing purposes only. Hence, they are not built to be installed on your primary PC. In fact, you would even face some sort of bugs and errors while working with Windows 11. Furthermore, there are some of the features that Microsoft showcased last month but actually, they are not a part of the Insider build. Still, if you are eager on How to install Windows 11 Insider preview? Let's quickly start with the listed steps.

Step 1: The first step is to sign up for the Windows Insider Program. Simply, navigate to Settings. Under the Update & Security section, click on Windows Insider Program. Here, click on Register and then Sign Up button. In case you are already a part of the Windows Insider community, you can directly login to your account.

Step 2: Make sure to review the Privacy Statement and terms that are appearing on your screen. Next, click on the Submit button to proceed ahead.

Step 3: Now, select Dev Channel from the Windows Insider settings in order to download and install the current Windows 11 build unrolled for Windows Insider Preview. Next, press the Confirm button to jump to the next step.

Step 4: Your machine will request you to Read the Microsoft Insider Privacy Statement and Agreement. After you read, and review the statement and terms, click on the Confirm button.

Step 5: Now, press on the Restart Now option in order to restart your machine and get the Insider Preview to build.

Step 6: Once you restart, ensure that you are connected to an active and stable Internet connection. Further, you can jump to Settings and then to the Update & Security tab. Here, select the Windows Update option and then click the Check for updates button.

Step 7: Lastly, your system starts to download the latest build from a Microsoft server.

We all would agree with the fact that Windows 11 is going to offer an improved experience to its users. In its initial phase, Microsoft has rolled out a test version for Windows 10 users. However, the final build version will be released by the end of this year. Users who are in a great hurry and can't resist trying Windows 11, can go the short path and download the Insider Preview build of this latest operating system. This trial version is surely an advanced Windows 11 experience ahead of its public debut.

There is yet no exact release date for Microsoft Windows 11. Users are simply waiting for the update notifications on their Windows 10 machines. Nonetheless, it is expected to roll out by as early as October. Let's now mark an end to this discussion with another great fact about Windows 11 it offers support for 40 different languages which can be selected at the time of installation.

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