How to save & download linkedin video online to 4K/MP4/AVI/3GP format?

How to save & download linkedin video online to 4K/MP4/AVI/3GP format?

There is no need to introduce LinkedIn as the most used professional social network globally. We can publish various kinds of images and videos on our accounts and use the platform extensively to widen our professional networks. However, there are occasions when we visit LinkedIn and find a video that we want to download to our computer. You might utilize a dependable LinkedIn video download to accomplish that.

LinkedIn has about 700 users and is adding new users at a rate of two per second. That is a lot. If you're like most business people, you've realized how important LinkedIn is for business growth.

The future is in the video. You can attract consumers, develop your brand, and increase your impact by sharing videos on LinkedIn. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn continues to have a significant organic reach. Put another way, and you can promote your videos widely without investing money in advertising.

Read this if you're using a mobile device, such as an iOS or Android phone.

Step 1: Open the website on your Android device. Next, go to your main website, where you can find posted images and videos.

Step 2: To download any posted LinkedIn video, simply click on the three dots that appear to the right of the video. Then a menu will appear; you must now select Share via Link. After selecting Share via Url, a share icon will appear; you must now select the Copy to Clipboard icon. The URL to the video will be copied when you click on that button.

Step 3: The copied link to the LinkedIn video is pasted into the download box, and the download button is clicked. You will now receive the video download link in link format (mp4, mp3).

Step 4: On a mobile device, press the video while holding it to select the download link.

If you're using a laptop, desktop, or tablet, you might wonder how to download LinkedIn video online.

Step 1: Open the website on your desktop or laptop. Next, go to your home page, where you can find posted images and videos.

Step 2: To save any uploaded LinkedIn videos, you must click the three dots in the right corner of the video. An additional choice will appear; you must now select Copy URL to Paste to copy the video link.

Step 3: After pasting the copied link to the LinkedIn video into the download box, click the download button. You will now receive the video download link in link format (mp4, mp3).

Step 4: You can save the video on a desktop or laptop computer by selecting Save Link As from the context menu.


Everyday videos uploaded on LinkedIn may be an invaluable source of information, so it's critical to keep access to knowledge you can use for work or school. Users of the LinkedIn platform can quickly and easily save all LinkedIn native movies, but only from a computer. You can rely on third-party apps and internet video downloaders to download LinkedIn video to your iPhone or Android mobile device.

After reading this article, you should have no trouble to download video from LinkedIn. Since there are many choices available, this page includes LinkedIn video downloader. You can look into either of these options to get a free download of a LinkedIn video.

You may quickly download video from LinkedIn using the available downloaders. Now pick a tool and give it a go.


Is Sharing Videos I've Downloaded from LinkedIn Okay?

It is not recommended to use a video that you got from LinkedIn for public or commercial use without the owner's permission. Although you are allowed to use the film for personal use, it is illegal to distribute copyrighted content in any way.

If I can't download videos from LinkedIn, what should I do?

If for any reason, your web browser does not allow your LinkedIn videos download, you can utilize split screen software to record the films you want to save to your computer.

How can I download linkedin video on iphone?

Installing the LinkedIn app on your mobile device is necessary before you can begin choosing the videos from LinkedIn that you wish to download to your iPhone. You may still save LinkedIn native movies to your iPhone even if the iOS and Android versions of the app now prevent users from downloading video content from the apps. Convert that video file and store it on your phone using a third-party program like LiveDownloading.

Using the LinkedIn Learning App, how to get videos

There is an easy way to download any video course for offline watching right from the LinkedIn Learning app, which is accessible for iOS and Android devices. You only need to ensure you are logged in and then select the course you want to download a whole course from the iOS or Android versions of the app. To access the player options, tap the video screen. Then, tap the three-dot icon, and finally, tap the Download full course option.