Set up Dessert Table for Parties and weddings

Set up Dessert Table for Parties and weddings

We agree with the trend of many couples serving anything from doughnuts to candy floss at their wedding receptions, breaking free from the image of the traditional bake. Not only are the desserts included amazing, but also the accents and gorgeous backgrounds. To get you motivated, we've compiled our favourite wedding dessert table inspiration and spoken with an expert to learn how to set up a dessert table for a party.

Homemade Bakes

Homemade cakes, pies, and tarts will complement your theme if you're hosting a village hall or laid-back tipi wedding. For an added touch, ask any avid bakers within the family to prepare a few of their specialities, then place trays on white vintage-style table runners or linens.

Colour Coordinated

A colour-coordinated wedding cake and dessert table are ideal for an exquisite, conventional wedding. We adore how the cake's yellow blooms are carried over onto the other miniature treats, giving them a sophisticated and modern appearance.

Churro Bar

If you don't like cake and cookies, that's cool. Many dessert options are available, so you must pick one you and your partner enjoy. You can choose these churro cones to Designing Dessert Tables!

Floral Brights

It makes sense to use your flowers elsewhere because you and your bridesmaids won't need to hang onto them just after the wedding. When you're finished with your bouquets, please place them in the vases that your venue will have waiting on your dessert table. Set a dessert table would receive an additional splash of colour and beauty from the flowers at no additional cost.

Stacked Crates

A cheap yet effective method to spice up your wedding dessert table is with wooden crates. By stacking boxes around the main dessert table, you can display your sweets at various heights and use decorations for more intrigue.

Vintage-Style Display

We adore the contrast of hues and textures in this retro-inspired display. The ancient, rough wood and strewn flora contrast well with the faux-fur runner. Purchase a variety of chopping boards, trays, and chests to give your wedding dessert table that casual yet oh-so-stylish feel.

Tiered Cake and Dessert Bar

By piling sweets on a tiered cake stand, you may still have a lovely wedding cake and dessert bar, even if you don't have much room. Place your wedding cake on the top tier, then place other goodies with handwritten labels identifying them on the lower tiers. Add a few stems at the end to give it some wow effect.

How to Design a Dessert Table?

Choose the dish to serve

What to serve is the key consideration when making your Amazing Wedding Dessert Table. You would like to ensure you provide something for everyone, and occasionally that means savoury for those customers who select a cheese plate over tiramisu. Some folks don't like sugary things, so you might want to add additional savoury, entertaining options to help such individuals feel involved. Consider biscuits, fruit, nuts, cheese and crackers.

Determine how much you'll need

If you plan to serve desserts in addition to a traditional wedding cake, ask your cake maker how many people the cake will serve and deduct that number from the required desserts. It will allow you to get a general estimate, but you'll need to purchase a few more desserts than the number you are left with after accounting for the wedding cake to accommodate guests desiring to taste both.

Think about the styling you would like to use

Examining the arrangement's looks is also crucial. Height is something that makes a statement on just a dessert table. Holly suggests bringing in a few taller items, such as cake stands to display special items and possibly risers for other finger foods, and layering the bottom with everything else. It's a terrific idea to add tiers to your display by using items like crates, chests, and boxes that match the wedding theme.


Q1: How should a dessert table be set up?

Symmetric is the most straightforward dessert table arrangement. It should elevate the cake, so it is the tallest thing on the table and placed in the back centre. Place trays, apothecary jars, etc., on either side of the cake afterwards.

Q2: How many desserts should there be on the table?

Avoid ordering too many sweets. A decent general guideline is one or two truly special items (that could be purchased), three or more homemade desserts, and then three or more sweet items.

Q3: What ought to be served as dessert at a wedding?

There is no restriction on the types of sweets you can offer. You name it: pies, brownies, doughnuts, pudding. Anyone is welcome. Keep in mind: A superb dessert bar has novelty and variety.

Q4: What size is the dessert table ideal?

In addition to making sure you have a lovely display, you need to have enough food for all visitors. As a general guideline, multiply 3 tiny desserts per person. Therefore, if you're expecting 50 guests, prepare to order 150 tiny desserts.


Every aspect to set up a dessert table for a wedding reception, from the start of the ceremony to the end of the celebration, is meticulously planned. On these momentous occasions, guests or spouses enjoy indulging in something sweet, including wedding cake. It might be enjoyable to put together a full-on dessert table if you have a sweet tooth or even if you want to elevate your reception and customer experience. Instead of just having a Diy Dessert Tables, you can include a variety of sweets and make this a memorable part of your event for your guests.