How to setup verizon mail server settings?

How to setup verizon mail server settings?

You can use the email client to send emails from the Verizon account by adding the SMTP server settings for verizon email account inside it.

I'll quickly review how to configure Gmail or Outlook to setup verizon mail server settings.

Gmail Verizon SMTP Configuration

This is how to add the SMTP server settings for verizon email account:

Step 1:- Open the Gmail online application and sign into your account. By clicking on the gear icon in the upper-right corner, choose Settings.

Step 2:- Select Add another email address next to Send mail by going to See all settings > Accounts as well as Import.

Step 3:- Next Step will appear when you enter your Verizon email address.

Step 4:- Enter your Verizon login credentials, select SSL encryption, pick port 465, and then type for the outgoing server.

Step 5:- Tap add account.

Gmail will now attempt to verify you in order to verify your credentials. After completing the verification, you can start using Gmail to send emails from your Verizon account.

Configuring Outlook Using Verizon SMTP Settings

Here's how to add the SMTP server settings for Verizon email to Outlook:

Step 1:- Start your computer's Outlook mail application. Go to File & Info & Add account after that.

Step 2:- Click Connect after entering your Verizon Email address and password.

Step 3:- Once Outlook and your Verizon Email account are connected, go to File & Info & Manage Profiles & Email Accounts. And then select Verizon Account.

Step 4:- Enter (for Verizon AOL) and as the outgoing mail servers (for Verizon Yahoo).

Step 5:- Verify whether TLS or SSL encryption is used and ensure that the outgoing mail server's port number is 465 by going to More Settings... & Advanced.

Step 6:- Enter your Verizon password and click OK after clicking OK.

To make sure everything is functioning, Outlook will now send a test email from your Verizon Email account.


Verizon customers still have many choices to keep utilizing their email accounts despite discontinuing their email service. Follow the steps above to configure a account settings on various email clients.

Once you've configured the SMTP and POP/IMAP, you can start sending and receiving emails from other mail programmes using your verizon email servers settings account.

The Settings icon can be seen on your home screen. Click Accounts as you scroll down. Click Individual (POP3). Switch to Account Settings. On the Verizon account, tap. Hit on Incoming settings after scrolling down to it. Enter your new password in the Password section, and press Done. Hit the Outgoing settings button. is the server address. Your Verizon Mail email address (for instance, Username Your Verizon Mail password is the password. 465 port number (With SSL) Authentication is necessary. Sending Restrictions: A maximum of 500 emails per hour AND no more than 100 recipients per message. (for Verizon AOL) and are the outgoing server names. Enter the Verizon login and password, choose SSL encryption, choose the 465 port, and type these in (for Verizon Yahoo). Add an account by clicking. Gmail will now attempt to authenticate you in order to verify your credentials.

Visit to access your email using AOL. Visit to view your mail if you use Yahoo to access your email.

Incoming server: (POP3) or (IMAP) Outgoing server: (SMTP)

Incoming server (POP3): Port 995 Incoming server (IMAP): Port 993 Outgoing server (SMTP): Port 465 or 587

Yes, you can set up Verizon email on your mobile device. You will need to enter the incoming and outgoing server settings and your email address and password.

Use SSL/TLS for the incoming and outgoing servers to ensure secure email transmissions.

Check that you have entered the correct server settings and that your email address and password are correct. You can also try deleting and re-adding the email account on your device or computer. If issues persist, contact Verizon customer support for assistance.