How to setup Wifi Range Extender?

How to setup Wifi Range Extender?

Enjoying seamless internet connectivity is obviously a desire of professionals working from home so that they may continue performing their official tasks and assignments conveniently by expediting to set up NetGear WiFi range extender in their homes. Obviously, to setup NetGear WiFi range extender you would need to install a WiFi range extender which is probably the best technological solution that can provide internet connectivity all across the length and breadth of your home. To serve this purpose here is presented a unique user-friendly guide that showcases some simple and easy steps to setup NetGear WiFi range extender.

Setup Wifi Range Extender

Step 1 - Just begin by plugging the wires into your NetGear WiFi range extender and into the power socket at the other end. If the power LED lights of your NetGear WiFi extender start glowing then start executing Step 2, else press the power ON/OFF button to finally turn your NetGear WiFi extender on.

Step 2 - In this step, you just have to link your mobile or some other device with your NetGear WiFi extender’s network. For this to materialize, you just have to type in the default user name as NETGEAR_EXT and remember that the default password here in this case is nothing or the “password” itself.

Step 3 - Now in a bid to set up NetGear WiFi range extender, simply facilitate launching your preferred internet browsing application by punching in or and pressing the Enter button to finally open the NetGear Setup page.

Step 4 - Click on the NetGear Setup page and cause to click the “Yes” option to agree to the general terms and conditions to set up NetGear WiFi range extender.

Step 5 - Here you have to choose and feed your log-in credentials. We would like to recommend that you must type “admin” as the username and must also set up a relatively strong password.

Step 6 - The next usual step is to choose two security questions from a range of given questions which may be resorted to in case of recovering your login password.

Step 7 - Move ahead by clicking on “Next”. Also, click on “Yes” if your NetGear extender asks for enabling “Genie Assistant” to help after which your NetGear extender will start searching for local WiFi networks. With this, you will be halfway through accomplishing setting up NetGear WiFi range extender.

Step 8 - In this stage you are required to select the specific network names. You can do this by clicking on the radio buttons reflected against the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. Still, if you are unable to find your specific network then click on “More” to navigate and search your WiFi network further.

Step 9 - Again click on “Next”, enter the password of your NetGear WiFi range extender and click on “Next” again.

Step 10 - Now you must enter your SSID and password for your NetGear extender. Please note that your WiFi extender uses a network name that ends with _2GEXT for the 2.4 GHz band and _5GEXT for the 5GHz band. Also, the password will be the same as in the case of your existing network.

Step 11 - As far as the Mesh extenders are concerned, you just have to use the same WiFi name and password as you have been doing for your existing networks. For facilitating the use of a single WiFi name you also have to enable the “One WiFi name” feature going ahead.

Step 12 - Moving further click on “Next” which will have the result of your Extender getting configured with your WiFi extender settings.

Step 13 - Now the device that you wish to configure, just go to the WiFi settings and get your Extender connected.

Step 14 - Now just get back to the initial page of your internet browser application and tick on the check box at the bottom followed by clicking on “Continue”. This will have the consequence of your NetGear extending the network coverage of the internet all across the length and breadth of your home. This marks accomplishing a very significant step to setup NetGear WiFi range extender.