How to turn off comments on Facebook and instagram post?

How to turn off comments on Facebook and instagram post?

Do you want to turn off comments on your Facebook posts? Unfortunately, Facebook restricts when and how you can stop anyone from leaving comments on your posts. We'll demonstrate where and how you can accomplish it.

Facebook is designed so that you may post personal experiences and invite comments from others. However, the comments may be too many to handle if you have many friends or followers.

Facebook lets you choose who can react to your posts and even disable comments entirely.

To prevent the possibility of escalating hate speech, it is essential to understand how to hide or block comments filled with insults, spam, and bad feelings on Instagram.

A few things on Instagram let you control comments more effectively. This post will give you lots of the ones that are relevant to deactivating comments in the article that follows.

Both the mobile app and the website will allow you to turn off comments on Facebook and Instagram

Remember that a post's visibility must be set to "Public" to modify who may comment on it. You cannot disable comments if the setting is "Private" or "Friends."

To disable comments on Facebook posts, read the points mentioned below.

  • Launch Facebook and navigate to the post you want to disable comments on.
  • Open the post by clicking or tapping the three dotted lines in the top-right corner.
  • Choose the option Who can give feedback on this post?
  • You'll get a selection of options. Select the Profile and Page you mention to disable comments.
  • Till is how you will be able to turn off comments on a Facebook post.

How To Turn off Comment On your Facebook Posts For Facebook Groups

  • Facebook communities occasionally become the scene of heated and divisive debates. The task of moderating the conversation can become too much for the group administrator. It's preferable to disable comments in such circumstances.
  • It's usually a good idea to turn off commenting for posts containing information, such as rules or posts which need to be pinned.
  • Fb allows you to turn off comments on postings in Facebook groups. You must either be the original sharer of the post or a group administrator to do this. Here are the steps to disable comments on a Group on a Facebook post if you fit into all those two categories:
  • Go to the group you wish to restrict comments for.
  • Turn off the comments by clicking the three-dot button in the top right corner.

How to disable comments while submitting an Instagram post

The easy actions you must take to turn off comments on an Instagram post before making it public are outlined below.

  • Open Instagram, make a new post, tweak the material, add filters, and click "Next."
  • At the bottom of the screen, select "Advanced Settings" before clicking "Share."
  • Choose the "Turn Off Commenting" slider in the advanced options.
  • Click "Share" after disabling comments, and you're done!

How to turn comments on or off for Instagram post that has already been published?

  • Don't panic if you're having problems receiving comments on a picture or video you've previously uploaded online. On already published posts, comments can also be disabled.

This is how to turn comments on or off for Instagram posts

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the post you want to remove comments from.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click or tap the drop-down menu icon (three horizontal dots)
  • Turn off commenting by choosing it from the option that pops up on the screen.


Getting a range of viewpoints on a subject can be beneficial. You might wish to restrict access to the comment section only to those close to you if you're sharing personal content.

Similar guidelines apply to groups; if you aren't posting something that calls for input from other group members, you may easily disable comments on the post by following the instructions above.


Are the earlier comments still available if Facebook comments are disabled?

Yes. The commenting feature cannot be turned off in the past to turn it back on. Therefore, it only applies once you turn off commenting. Any comments made before that point are still viewable, but they cannot be liked or responded to in any manner.

How can I make comments on Instagram inactive?

When publishing a post, you can remove comments on specific posts by going to the developed settings section. You can also disable comments after posting a post by having to click on the drop-down contextual menu and choosing "Turn off commenting."

Can you disable comments when viewing someone else's Instagram live feed on the phone?

This function has been turned off. You can only turn off comments if you have installed the IG Story for an Ig extension and are using the Browser to watch the stream on your PC.