How To Use the Trading Post to Buy and Sell Items in New World?

How To Use the Trading Post to Buy and Sell Items in New World?

Similar to most other MMORPGs now accessible, the new world trading post system allows players to trade products with various other players. As New World overtook the MMO genre, more of its features were coming to light. Despite a modest decline in participants, the game is still enjoyable.

This article will concentrate on the vital function of being able to sell or purchase things. Every hamlet in the New World contains a trading post where, after some investigation, you can list all the items you've gathered & sell them. There are various ways for players to increase their income, although the game has no vendors.

What is a Trading Post?

The trading post is located in the centre of the settlement. Numerous people who want to sell things have listed a lot of items or orders. Orders for anyone looking to buy something are available. They will also state the price they are prepared to pay. If you really want to sell products as quickly as possible, this is good for you. If you see a buy order, they frequently search for lower pricing, however if you need to get rid about something right away, here is the place to do it.

Buy and Sell Items Using the Trading Post

Sell on Trading Post New World

To begin placing sell orders, choose the items from your collections that you wish to sell. You will be notified with the sales price whenever another player purchases one of your goods. You might not even notice it, but you can view the previous orders for each item you've managed to sell if you go back to the Trading Post. This is because it can seem to anybody at any time.

It is best to wait and look at these items' average costs instead because prices of resources, especially those in great demand, might change drastically. By doing this, you'll be able to purchase the most gold just at the Trading Post.

Placing Buy Orders

For purchase orders, simply select the Buy tab. On the Buy tab, you can locate anything that other players have posted for sale. Enter a buy order for the specific resource you're after, then process your request. Keep in mind that the filters at the top of the Buy Order listings might be used if you're looking for specific goods. You may look for goods, gear, or even weapons with all the extras or upgrades with ease.

When a sale lowers the cost of your buy order to that level, you will immediately receive the item. You might find the items you bought in the storage shed once you've completed exploring and adventuring far beyond settlement.

How to Do Friends Trading?

If you don't enjoy using Trading Posts, there is another, though less popular, trading technique. This can be done by directly trading with some other players. Start by looking for every other participant in the competition, then hit "H" while aiming in their general direction to start a trade. When you complete that, a window will open and you may start trading.

This is still a respectable way to conduct business, especially with friends and coworkers. Discuss any items you think players may have been interested in purchasing with in text chat. Similar to the Trading Post, this is a fantastic opportunity to quickly get rid of anything you need to get rid of. Any surplus weapons and armour could be quickly sold here.


You'll find that the new world trading post is an excellent location for both buying and selling things. There are many aspects in New World that are similar to those in other MMORPGs. You would be familiar with The Trading Post and other salvage-type activities if you were familiar with the genre. Additionally, exchanging with other players is a rather simple process. Typically, you would base your decision on your game preferences. Your best option, though, for getting rid of anything you don't want is the Trading Post. Visit the nearest town to see what the Trading Post has to offer.

The trading post is frequently located close to the town's hub. People who want to sell things have offered a variety of items and orders. You can find orders for those who are looking to buy something. They would also state the price they are prepared to pay.

Each New World settlement has a trading station where you can list anything you've gathered and sell it after doing some exploring. Since the game has no vendors, players who want to make more money at trading posts have various possibilities.

A store established by a trader and trading company to buy local commodities or furs in return for supplies, clothing, other interests, or make more money at trading posts in a populous and unpopulated area.

The Trading Post is a marketplace in the New World game where players can buy and sell items with other players.

To access the Trading Post, simply press the “U” key on your keyboard or click on the Trading Post icon on your map screen.

To buy items from the Trading Post, search for the item you want to purchase using the search bar, select the quantity you want to buy, and click “Buy” to complete the transaction.

To sell items on the Trading Post, select the item you want to sell from your inventory, set the price you want to sell it for, and click “Sell” to list the item on the marketplace.

To cancel a transaction on the Trading Post, simply go to the “Active Orders” tab on the marketplace screen and click “Cancel” next to the transaction you want to cancel.