Is DuckDuckGo Safe? and Pros and Cons of DuckDuckGo 2024

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? and Pros and Cons of DuckDuckGo 2024

DuckDuckGo is a newly designed and artistically implemented search engine that is increasingly getting popular these days which obviously prompts us to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. But a couple of questions do get arise before you really move forward to use DuckDuckGo like Is DuckDuckGo safe in 2024? or Can DuckDuckGo be trusted? Here is presented a detailed guide that not just lays down some very important Pros and Cons of DuckDuckGo but helps you find the answers that whether can you really use DuckDuckGo instead of Google.

Here are some Pros of DuckDuckGo

When you are doing an assessment about DuckDuckGo vs Google you should primarily evaluate the core benefits of using DuckDuckGo that are discussed underneath.

1 - Comes with an easy-to-use interface

The simple yet very futuristic interface of DuckDuckGo has loads of enabling features that can make your internet surfing experience pretty satisfying as you just have to type in what you really need to search about along with pressing a couple of buttons while you surf the internet using DuckDuckGo.

2 - Pays due credence to your privacy

When it comes to using DuckDuckGo you may keep yourself insulated from running into the risk of losing your confidential details as DuckDuckGo is very safe and incorporates all safety considerations in its dedicated and very promising search engine.

3 - Does away with targeted ads

Targeted Ads are a source of interruption when you are venturing out to gather information on the internet. This issue is completely done away with when you happen to use DuckDuckGo as it comes with a very peculiar feature of not interrupting you with targeted ads thus permitting you to search the contents on DuckDuckGo seamlessly.

4 - Issues emanating from filter-bubble have also been addressed

The ramifications of filter-bubble are ideally felt while using most search engines which have also been addressed in a very efficient way as DuckDuckGo provides the same content to everyone irrespective of what is being searched on DuckDuckGo which altogether makes a strong case in favor of DuckDuckGo when you are up doing DuckDuckGo vs Google exercise.

5 - Value-added features also increase the viability of the DuckDuckGo platform

The availability of value-added features like Rhyme Generator, Loan Calculator, and Weather Report also makes DuckDuckGo the preferred choice amongst the entire internet user fraternity. You can make the best use of these value-adding features to the hilt in a bid to make your overall surfing experience absolutely breathtaking.

Some Cons of DuckDuckGo also warrant a quick glance

The attempt to perform a DuckDuckGo vs Google exercise brings in certain key cons of using DuckDuckGo that are worth taking note of.

1 - You can’t access other integrated services

Like in the case of Google Search Engine you can also access other valuable services like “Google Chat”, “Google Maps”, etc., you just can’t get to access similar integrated services while using DuckDuckGo.

2- You might get a virus while using DuckDuckGo

The risk of getting your system affected by a virus also remains especially when you are using DuckDuckGo as DuckDuckGo owing to liberal policy practices may not be able to filter out some newly evolving Trojans or Viruses going forward.

3 - Non-personalized ads will continue to be showcased

Though DuckDuckGo has nothing to do with the policy of reflecting relevant targeted ads, you will continue to see some non-personalized ads adjacent to the search bar on DuckDuckGo.

4 - Privacy concerns may weigh down unpredictably

Since DuckDuckGo is relatively new it still suffers from the incorporation of more stringent privacy norms in its entire search engine structure which may pan out unpredictably in a negative way thereby seriously compromising your privacy.

5 - Doesn’t enforce the policy of personalization

DuckDuckGo does not provide a personalized approach to surfing data on the internet ultimately paving way for slightly more inconveniences that you may experience while being on the searching spree on DuckDuckGo.

6 - Not as refined as Google

Though DuckDuckGo has its own advantages you might not feel the ease while surfing on DuckDuckGo as it displays generalized results that may eventually prompt you to look for other search engines to save time and other resources.

Yes, DuckDuckGo is safe to use. It does not collect or store any personal information of its users and protects their privacy by not tracking their search history or online activities.

Yes, DuckDuckGo has its own search algorithm called DuckRank that is based on its web crawlers and the content available on the web.

No, DuckDuckGo does not show personalized search results based on the users search history or location. It displays the same results for everyone.

Some pros of using DuckDuckGo include enhanced privacy and security, freedom from targeted advertising, and a clutter-free search experience without the risk of filter bubbles.

Some cons of using DuckDuckGo include less accurate search results compared to other search engines, limited features such as image and video search, and a lack of data collection for search analytics.

Yes, DuckDuckGo can be set as the default search engine in most web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Some browsers may require additional steps to change the default search engine.