Kundli Milan For a Happy Marriage - Is It Necessary for all couple?

Kundli Milan For a Happy Marriage - Is It Necessary for all couple?

Have you ever wondered why choosing an astrological consultant for Kundali Milan is the first and most important step in deciding whether the bride and the groom will be married? On the other hand, families prefer to consider all relevant factors and adhere to rituals before considering a marriage proposal. Astrology is a crucial element that is said to be important in marriages. In India, Hindu weddings strongly emphasise Kundali Milan (horoscope matching) for happy unions. An ancient method of arranging weddings in India, particularly within Hindu culture, is called kundali Milan or kundali matching. The boy and girl's horoscopes or birth charts are examined by astrologers before marriage. Additionally, they offer an astrological roadmap for Kundali Milan based on the Dasha and periods of the planets and gunas.

Explain Kundli Matching

For Kundli matching, both the boy's and the girl's horoscopes are necessary. It is believed that the marriage will be pleasant if they are a good match. You must consider eight key factors while comparing the boy and girl's kundlis.

One issue is that several important details are missed during the Ashta Koota matching. These factors also include the longevity of the bride and groom, the happiness of their marriage, their possibility of producing children, and the planets' positions. Some pairings, such as Venus and the afflicted 7th house—the house of marriage and partnerships—and the relationship between the lords of the 6th and 7th houses according to the moon and birth horoscopes, might cause issues. It's not a good idea to disregard such things.

Love Marriages and Kundli Matching

Kundlis should be matched when two persons don't know one another. This makes it easier to gauge how well they get along. Along with temperaments or dispositions, it's important to match physiological propensities, habits, and attitudes. Love marriages give the couple plenty of time to get to know one another. So You can determine compatibility without using Kundli matching. But there are other factors to take into account. It is important to look into concerns like procreation, the longevity of relationships, extramarital affairs, and even divorce.

Any partnership will persist as long as there is shared love, trust, and compassion. Love marriages undoubtedly have a better probability of working out. However, a person's karma also plays a role. Finding a compatible partner will be challenging if the horoscope indicates that divorce or another unfortunate event is likely to occur.

How may Kundli Mismatches be Fixed in Love Marriages?

Making meritorious deeds, applying cures, and engaging in spiritual practices may help if a Kundlis don't align. To establish a pleasant environment in the relationship, the two persons should prioritise trying to meet each other's wants and wishes and making the necessary concessions. Even the fiercest domestic storms never destroy a marriage if there is love and trust.


As you are aware, arranged marriages are the favoured custom in India. And it can be challenging to marry someone unique from you and whom you have never met. That is one of the reasons Hindus think about matching two janampatrika or kundalis before deciding on a marriage. The bride and groom's horoscopes are matched during Kundali Milan to ascertain if the couple may experience happiness and prosperity in their marriage. Before the wedding, Kundli Match for Marriage are matched largely to determine the bride and groom's general marital compatibility. According to astrology, a total of 36 gunas are matched to assess a couple's compatibility and future prosperity.


How can I tell if my Horoscope Matching for Marriage?

Enter the boy's and girl's birth information. Online marriage horoscope matching will occur, or the outcome will show marriage compatibility. The couple is matched for marriage based on the stars they were born under and their janma Rashi.

Kundli matching: What is it?

The matching of the Kundlis and birth charts of the potential bride and groom is known as Kundli Milan and Kundli Matching. According to Vedic astrology, Kundli Milan can assess the two people's compatibility and predict whether a marriage will succeed.

Is horoscope matching accurate in any way?

Yes, your Kundalini has an impact on your marriage decisions, according to astrology. Kundalini and horoscopes, birth charts, and natal charts all have similar meanings. Horoscopes, or Kundlis, control every aspect of a person's life, including marriage.