Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Getting that fleek-perfect makeup look is a little difficult. Isn’t it? Spending hours in front of the mirror when you are running out of time is also a hustle. So how do you achieve the perfect look without having to spend an enormous amount of time and money on makeup? Makeup hacks are the way to go. All the tips and tricks listed below can get you the look you are going for without putting a lot of work. Take a look at these makeup hacks that will change your life.



Skip that clear nail polish coat. Instead, apply a coat of white nail paint before you apply any nail paint. This makeup hack will make the color of your nail polish stand out. Not only this but this will also protect your nails from staining when you remove your nail paint.


This one is to ensure that you can remove your nail paint easily without having to do a lot of work. This works best for glitter nail polishes as removing them is a little harder. Put a coat of white glue before you apply nail paint. So when you are removing it, you will not need a remover you can easily scrape it off.


How do you make sure you don’t smudge your nail paint? Apply glue outside your nails and let it dry. Now carefully paint your nails. After you are done remove the glue coat. Voila, you have perfectly painted nails.



Gel eyeliners are expensive. Using this makeup hack you can use your eyeliner pencil as a gel eyeliner. Take any drugstore eyeliner pencil and heat the lead using a lighter. Now, let it cool down for 15 minutes. There you go. This will make your eyeliner smoother and you can use it as a gel eyeliner.


We all sweep our mascara upwards. Instead of doing that, sweep it towards your nose. This will give you fuller eyelashes and also make your eyes look wider.


Do you have a mascara brush that works wonders for your eyelashes but now that your mascara is over you have to throw it away? Don’t do it. Keep the brush, clean, use it with your new mascara.


The Smokey eye look is a little hard to get. Right? Not really. Take your eyeliner pencil and draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eyelid. Now grab a brush and blend. There you go this makeup hack will get you your perfect smokey eye look.

5. Perfect winged eyeliner

You can get the perfect winged eyeliner by just your eyeliner pencil. So, first, you draw a cat eye with your eyeliner pencil and then pill in the open space using your eyeliner. And there you have your perfect winged eyeliner without much work.


1. Long-lasting lipstick trick

After you apply your lipstick properly. Now take a tissue and lay it over your lips. Take the setting powder or and dust it over the tissue on your lips. This trick really sets the color and makes it last longer.

2. DIY lips gloss

Do you ever feel sad cause you broke your blush/eyeshadow? We have just the trick to put that into better use. Take your broken eyeshadow/ blush. Crush it into powder form then mix it up with petroleum jelly to make your lip gloss. With this trick you can make lip gloss of whichever color you want.

3. Lipstick on teeth?

How do you make sure you get no lipstick in your teeth? After you apply your lipstick. Put your index finger in your mouth and close your lips around it. Then pull out your finger. Any excess lipstick that could have gotten on your lips will be removed and voila! You are good to go.


1. Perfume

Do you ever feel that your perfume wears off after a few hours? That's probably because you apply it all over you instead of the key areas. You should apply perfume behind your ears, on the base of your throat, inside of your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knees. This will make your perfume smell last longer.

2. Dry Shampoo

If you are too lazy to wash your hair and you have a big day tomorrow, this makeup hack is just for you. Use dry shampoo before going to bed and let it work it’s magic while you are asleep. You will make up in the morning with voluminous hair.

There you go, very simple and easy makeup hacks that will not only save your time and money but also help you get whatever look you desire. Go on, try these and shine bright like a diamond.