Most Popular Trending Dance Moves

Most Popular Trending Dance Moves

Professional dancing has been known since the time of the early renaissance and has gained huge popularity amongst the masses as it increasingly served as one of the best sources of entertainment. Even today professional dancing is present in different forms owing to the consistent evolution that has taken place over the past few decades. Be it wedding ceremonies or other events, professional dancing is preferred by many to entertain the guests during their ceremonial events. So take a look at different genres of most popular professional dances that will help you decide which one of all the professional dances you can opt for any of your events.

Contemporary Dancing

Contemporary Dancing Popular Trending Dance Moves - LiveDownloading

Contemporary Dancing largely includes Jazz Dance and is generally seen as a reasonable substitute for classical dancing as it lays more emphasis on the unrestricted movement of legs and torso along with a high degree of several actions and improvisations. Contemporary Dancing comes with great versatility and largely depends on the floor work performed by the dancers who use gravity to execute movements while being bare feet. And, what is more, striking with Contemporary Dancing is the use of sophisticated sets and lighting that makes this artistic dance a globally acclaimed form of entertainment.

Concert Dancing

Concert Dancing Popular Trending Dance Moves - LiveDownloading

This specific kind of dance is ordinarily performed in a typical theatrical setting in sync with the music being played in the concert. Many Indian and Persian dances are based on Concert Dancing where the performers use well-choreographed dance moves to invoke a universal appeal. The synchronization of the body moves with grooving music relaxes and soothes the audience fraternity and is thus considered a better means of entertainment.

Ballet Dancing

Ballet Dancing Popular Trending Dance Moves - LiveDownloading

Originated in the era of the 15th century Italian Renaissance, Ballet Dancing is undoubtedly the best form of professional dancing and is perhaps accredited as the morphed version of primitive dances that existed in France and Russia. For becoming Ballet performers it is rather the choreography and extensive use of waistline that makes Ballet Dancing one of the renowned components of professional dancing. Ballet Dancing is ideal for large ceremonial events like a wedding where more and more people get to see the energetic vibes of Ballet girls shaking their legs and waist to the tunes of music.

Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing Popular Trending Dance Moves - LiveDownloading

This form of professional dancing is increasingly getting popular amongst the masses as it focuses on tapping feet as percussion. It is all about setting the body in sync with the rhythm of the music and is common with the youth willing to prepare a stage dance with their friends and colleagues. It is an evolutionary form of traditional percussive dance that emanated from Scottish, Irish, and African tribal dance that happened to be a part of ethnic events, festivities, and occasions.

Modern Dancing

Modern Dancing Popular Trending Dance Moves - LiveDownloading

Yet another type of professional dancing is perhaps the Modern Dancing which has greater variation as far as the release of body and improvisations are concerned. This kind of Modern Dancing is common among youth and is performed at several parties, get together, and on other occasions. It may include informal dance numbers or sequences performed in a variety of ways in solo or group performances.