NBA Rookie stat of the year race 2024

NBA Rookie stat of the year race 2024

The NBA Rookie stat of the year award is an annual award given to the basketball rookies of the regular season. The first season of the NBA was released in the year 1952-53. The winner of this race is chosen by Canadian and United States broadcasters and sportswriters. They will cast first, second and third-place votes.

In the last season, Anthony Edwards was defeated by LaMaelo Ball in the National Basketball Association’s rookie of the year race. A year before that, the top individual honor was given to Ja Morant. Just because he was given the honor doesn’t mean he is going to win the award. Here, we are going to discuss the NBA rookie of the year rankings.

Top 10 rankings for NBA rookies of the year

Below are the top 10 rankings for the NBA Rookie stat of the year award.

Cade Cunningham, Detroit Pistons

The top candidate for the rookie of the year award is Cade Cunningham. There is a very high possibility that this player from Oklahoma can become an NBA All-Star. This rookie did an incredible job as a freshman. He made 6.2 rebounds, averaging 20.1 points and 3.5 assists on 40% shooting from distance. He is one of the most amazing cornerstone players and gets many chances to make it big as a rookie.

Jalen Suggs, Orlando Magic

Suggs is a two-way stud. He is a former recruit who shoots 50% from the field, averaged 14.4 points, and made 5.3 rebounds. He was known for stopping the most offensive player from the opposition. He is ready to join the magic team and play along with Cole Anthony. Suggs is surely one of the best NBA rookies of the year candidates in the year 2024.

Jalen Green, Houston Rockets

Green left college basketball to play in G-League. The dude shoots 37% from the distance and 46% from the field. He had 3.2 assists, 4.6 rebounds, and averaged 20.2 points. Presently, this player is known as the face of Houston’s rebuilt.

Scottie Barnes, Toronto Raptors

This defensive-minded Toronto player is our fourth pick. Even with perceived reach, Barnes was able to make it happen. It is going to be extremely advantageous for Toronto if it trades Pascal Siakam this season. Though Barnes is a great player, he is still not a prolific scorer.

Davion Mitchell, Sacramento Kings

Mitchell is quickly progressing in the rankings because of his remarkable performance. He received All-Tournament honors. Mitchel is an incredible defensive team performer and can also play offensive. In the previous season, the dude averaged 15.3 points, and 6.0n assists too while shooting 45% from distance.

Moses Moody, Golden State Warriors

With many other amazing freshmen on the list, this dude from Arkansas has proved himself worthy of being in the top charts. With 5.8 rebounds and averaging 16.8 points while shooting 36% from the distance, Moody created a great impact in the NBA last season. He has proven to be a great asset for the warriors. This makes him a deserving candidate for the rookie of the year race.

James Bouknight, Charlotte Hornets

Bouknight has a great chance of succeeding out of the gate through Charlotte. He shot at a 45% distance from the field and averaged 18.7 points and 5.7 rebounds. This guard can make a good impact in a mid-range game as he always struggles with distance. NBA rookie stats state that Bouknight is another great candidate for the rookie of the year race.

Josh Giddy, Oklahoma City Thunder

This player’s playstyle is quite similar to Ben Simmons in the sense that he plays point forward and his shooting is a lot better as compared to before. Giddy used to play professional ball overseas and is capable of making a great impact in the NBA game.

Evan Mobley, Cleveland Cavaliers

Mobley is without a doubt one of the best players but it is difficult for big men to create an impact in comparison to the rest of the players. The freshman made 9.2 rebounds and averaged 17.4 points. The dude’s major playtime will be close to the frontcourt in the coming season.

Jalen Johnson, Atlanta Hawks

Johnson couldn’t play more than 13 games because of the Covid-19 outbreak. He was known to be a dominant force for blue devils. The dude averaged 18.9 points, and 10.2 rebounds that too from a 52% distance. Viewers are expecting big from this player in the next season.

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