PayPal Errors: Causes and Troubleshooting

PayPal Errors: Causes and Troubleshooting

PayPal, among the most widely used online payment systems, often runs into problems and may not perform as expected. You can find solutions if you encounter any of the PayPal error listed below.

Why PayPal is Not Working?

A variety of factors could cause PayPal error issue. The site itself may be down, your account may not have enough money, and you could not have a verified account. It is feasible if you've not validated your card and bank account. However, You may resolve the most common issues regarding when PayPal is not working.

How to Address Problems Faced by PayPal?

Try these PayPal troubleshooting techniques to locate and fix your issue.

Check to see if PayPal is down. If you can access other online services as well as websites, go to the PayPal status page to verify the performance of PayPal's functions. Instead, use an uptime-monitoring website, including DownDetector, Down for Everyone, and JustMe. They will inform you immediately if there is an issue with PayPal or an error on your end.

Consult your bank. If other users are experiencing no problems with PayPal, it could be that PayPal hasn't verified your bank account yet, preventing it from approving your purchases. Visit the PayPal Help Center and follow the guidelines to validate your bank account.

Authenticate the credit card. If you're paying using a debit or credit card, PayPal might need you to validate the card to accept it. PayPal is clear about how to authenticate a debit or credit card you've attached to your account.

An alternative payment option might work. The problem could be coming from your credit card. Try using a different card and bank account and paying with your PayPal account. If it goes through, you've identified the problem.

Utilise your PayPal balance to make a purchase. If you're experiencing problems with any of those kinds of transactions, you can sometimes get PayPal up - and - running again by using funds from your PayPal balance instead of a card or bank transfer.

For the transaction to be completed, use a reliable device. Use a device or system that has successfully processed PayPal payments in the past if you have one. PayPal might presume you are not the account's true owner since you are accessing the service with a new device.

Some browsers may occasionally cause issues when using online services. If Chrome is causing you problems, try Firefox. Try Safari, Edge, Opera, or another browser if it doesn't work.

Deactivate your VPN. Turn it off if you're using a VPN or proxy service to hide your identity during these transactions. Your secret location may cause PayPal problems.


This error message may occasionally appear if a merchant chooses to utilise a personal PayPal account instead of a business PayPal account. You can upgrade to a business account for free if you currently have a personal account. You should carefully read the info above if you cannot determine why the PayPal error notice appears on your website.

A student utilising PayPal checkout may receive an error notice for various reasons, including insufficient funds, a technical problem and outage at PayPals end, the students bank rejecting the purchase for security purposes, or several different reasons.

Your cash may be restricted for months if your account is suspended for violating the terms and conditions (T&C). Your money might not arrive for two business days. Reaching customer service might be challenging.

You either entered your PayPal email address and PayPal Identity Token incorrectly, which are the two most common causes of this problem. Your websites secured payments are turned on.

Although youre not logging in with that same PayPal account, your card is connected to one. A PayPal account linked to your card has now been closed. Even if you havent yet verified it, you have connected the card to a PayPal account. With the PayPal system, your credit card limit has been reached.

PayPals issue could be caused by a variety of factors. The website itself might be down, your account could not have enough money in it, or you might not have a verified account. If you havent verified your card and bank account, its also feasible.

In most circumstances, it takes us 14 days to make a decision, but it sometimes takes 30 days or more. Keep an eye out for changes from us or requests for more data in your emails or resolution center.