Rare Mental Disorders - Probably Never Heard About

Rare Mental Disorders - Probably Never Heard About

Mental disorders are terrible and any one person who is mentally ill has a life that none of us want to lead. Some common disorders like bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression are hard enough to deal with but imagine believing that your a particular place has a replica or believing that you are dead even when you do not sound out of this world and scary. There are bizarre mental disorders listed down below that are interesting to read about but are also at the same time equally terrifying.

These mental disorders are quite rare but there are people who suffer from it. Some are born with them and some acquire them after a trauma or other injuries. Nothing can be said for certain when an individual is suffering from such disorders. Let’s take a look at our life of rare mental disorders that will give you goosebumps.

1. Alice in wonderland: Todd Syndrome

A very rare and scary mental disorder that gets its name from one of the characteristics of Alice’s strange experiences. As the house gets too small for Alice similarly the patients of this disorder will hear sounds louder or quieter than they are and see the objects around them larger or smaller than they actually are and might even lose the sense of textures and velocity. This disorder is like an LSD trip eliminating the euphoria. This rare disease is seen in people suffering from a brain tumor or an excessive history of drug usage.

2. Boanthropy

Boanthropy is a mental disorder that makes an individual belove that they are a cow. Yes, you read it right. People suffering from this condition start acting like cows. They start walking on their hands and leg and start chewing grass like they are a member of the heard. As terrible as it sounds the cause of this disorder is usually hypnosis or dreams. In the bible boanthropy, is describes as driven from men and did eat grass as oxen.

3. Prosopagnosia

Olive Sacks mentions a man who thought his wife was a hat. Yes, it does sound insane. In this disorder, people have trouble recalling, remembering, or recognizing people’s faces. In severe cases, a person may not be able to recognize the faces of their known ones or tell an object from a face. The patient has a solid chance of not recognizing his own face as well. The major cause of this condition is stroke but two point five percent of the people are born with the disorder.

4. Capgras delusion

Capgras delusion/ Capgras syndrome is a rare mental disorder where the patient thinks that their loved ones are replaced by an imposter. The condition is seen in patients with brain injury, dementia, and also in patients with paranoid schizophrenia. This disorder is somehow more common in females. A 36-year-old woman gave birth and started thinking that her family members and her son are all replaced by imposters. No medication worked and they had to give her electroconvulsive therapy which subsided the symptoms.

5. Hemispatial neglect

Often caused due to a stroke, this disorder makes people ignore half of their world. To put into better words, a woman who has this rare mental disorder started neglecting half of the food on her plate despite still being hungry. Or drawing a clock that only has numbers from 12 to 6. This happens when one hemisphere of the brain has been damaged. This causes an individual to lose awareness of one side around them. The opposite side of the injured is often ignored in this case of disorder.

6. Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder or multiple personality disorder is a disorder often shown in so many movies and shows. People suffering from this disorder often have 2-3 personalities (maybe often more) and can remain in the same personality for days months or years but nothing is certain. They can switch their identities and it is impossible to convince the patient that they are suffering from this disorder. Patients suffering from this condition are kept in a psychiatric institution as they are not fit to lead normal lives.

7. Apotemnophilia

Amputee identity disorder also is known as body integrity disorder. It is said to be associated with the damage caused to the right parietal lobe of the brain. This condition causes an overwhelming desire to damage your healthy parts and amputate parts of your body. Since doctors and surgeons won’t agree to amputate healthy organs the individual takes it upon himself to do so which is a very dangerous scenario if thought about. The patients have also told that they were happy after knowing that they removed the healthy parts of their bodies.

There you go. 7 rare mental disorders that will scare you and make you wonder how twisted can a human brain get.