Top 10 Best and Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Best and Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Although WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS is a very simple messaging software, it offers much more than just the ability to send messages to your pals and share GIFs. Numerous entertaining WhatsApp tips and tricks exist, from basic techniques to personalising your experience, so it looks and functions better for you with hidden chat capabilities.

The following advice is excellent for maximising secret WhatsApp tips and tricks and is also completely free.

Secret WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

Answering a Particular Message

Using a button to indicate quickly that you like a message is a regular feature on some other social networking applications, so you might be asking how to like WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, you can't do that, but you can quickly reply to a particular message in its place. That functions somewhat similarly to show that you "like" a particular message.

Long-press on a message and select Reply from the new menu that appears. To reply to a specific message using a quote from it.

Make a Chat with the Top

Is there a person you message most frequently? A dear friend or family member? So that you never have to search through your other chats to find them, you can pin their conversation to the top of your chat window.

  • Swiping from left to right and then tapping Pin Chat on iOS.
  • Tap the pin at the top of the screen after long pressing the chat display using Android.

Change the WhatsApp background Image

You are not required to use the chats' default background. You can update the WhatsApp background to a fun wallpaper or a favourite photo. The best part is that you can select a picture from your phone's photo gallery to make it appear much more unique than usual. You can select from a selection of backgrounds or a change in colour by going to Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper Library.

Search Chat

When speaking on WhatsApp, getting carried away is simple, resulting in a rapid accumulation of messages. You could go back and have a look throughout your chats if you realise a little too late if you intended to save it for later.

To search for anything, you must hit the search icon or type in the search bar. It will immediately display all the results after searching through your WhatsApp chats. Tap the message you want to go directly to.

Send a Friend Your Location

You may quickly and easily update your location with another person with the touch of a button if you're meeting up with a colleague or want to be sure they understand exactly where you are.

Try clicking the paperclip or plus symbol next to the message box, select Location, and then select Share Live Location. Other people would then receive your location via WhatsApp, so they know where you are. This safety feature is incredibly helpful when you're somewhere a little weird or perhaps on a first date with a stranger and want to let a buddy know where you have been.

Find Out Who You Talk to the Most

Have you ever wondered which WhatsApp users you talk to the most frequently? It is simple to learn using this free WhatsApp technique. Go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage and select a contact to see how you communicate with them. The list is arranged according to the person you give the most data to, so if you provide a lot of GIFs to one person but not many other types of messages, they may surpass a friend you only text. It's a great way to tell who catches your interest the most. Only messages, pictures, GIFs, videos, voicemails, and documents are included in the statistics.

Accentuate Your Words

You can use the standard WhatsApp font when you compose messages. Place an asterisk along either side of the word you're typing to turn it bold. Add an underscore to each side of the word to make it italic and a tilde to either side to make the word strikethrough.

Keeping Chat Records

Previously, you could use a unique Kibo app to enable a hidden WhatsApp chat feature. Since there is no longer a hidden message app, keeping your talks confidential can be a little more difficult. The best course of action is to archive your chats frequently. When you archive a chat, it isn't permanently deleted but hidden from your windows taskbar, making it more difficult for someone to look at it quickly.

  • On iOS, swipe from right to left within a conversation window, then select Archive.
  • To transmit a chat this way on Android, long-touch the chat and tap the archive folder afterwards.

Privately Respond to a Group Chat Message

A participant in a group chat with several family members or friends? Without a doubt, there have been instances when you'd like to speak quietly. You can open your private one-on-one conversation or start a new one, but there are quicker ways to accomplish this. It's easy to use and functions as something like replying to a particular message in a private conversation.

  • On iOS, hold down the Home button while tapping More, then select Reply Privately. The text box below opens up in a private conversation, so you can quickly add whatever you tried to express.
  • You must press and hold the message for Android users before tapping the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting Reply Privately.

Save your Allotted Data

Do you receive a monthly data cap from your cell phone provider? You can see how WhatsApp is utilising your data in various ways. Select "Settings" > "Data and Storage Use" > "Media Auto-Download" To ensure that this only downloads media once you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, change to Wi-Fi only.

  • You may check your usage by navigating to Settings > Account > Data Usage > Network Usage to see how little data you've used thus far.

View-once messages in WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted like any other message you send, making it impossible for anybody to access them, not even the app's creators. These texts and photographs cannot be saved, sent, or star-rated thanks to the self-destruct mechanism, which increases security. Now you've all the necessary information regarding secret tricks of WhatsApp.