Top 10 Best PDF editors for Windows and Mac

Top 10 Best PDF editors for Windows and Mac

The most prevalent file format is now PDF. The appropriate PDF Software for Mac OS X and PDF Editor Software for Windows can make editing, converting, creating, and sharing PDF files simple. You may find several PDF Editor Software for Windows on the internet. Which PDF programme is the best and can meet your needs? Here, we've compiled a list of the top 10 Best PDF Editor Software, convert them to other file types, and even create new PDF files from other forms.


With this Free PDF Editors for Mac, you can digitally edit various things. It can perform the tasks like underlining and highlighting, including inserting sticky notes for easier browsing of PDFs.

Microsoft Word

The most traditional and basic PDF application might be the answer for managing PDF files. The most recent version of Microsoft Word allows documents within Excel, Word, and PowerPoint formats to be stored in PDF format. It is possible because Microsoft Word is already installed on the computer.


The user of this PDF software can quickly and accurately transform their files into industry-standard PDF files. The Nitro version of Primo can make it much easier to redo the job if all that is required is simple editing, a PDF file, and transferring it back to Excel and Word. The Nitro version can batch turn huge files into PDFs and transform many files simultaneously. Mac users may easily combine files with searchable PDF files or easy PDF files with only a few keystrokes.

Adobe Acrobat

One of the greatest PDF viewers is, without a doubt, Adobe Acrobat, which is the industry standard for viewing PDF files. Due to its widespread popularity, users perceive it as one of their primary choices for editing and reading their PDF files. Although these systems can have a long loading period, they are quite convenient. Sticky note attaching to pages is one of its amazing features. Users can also combine PDF files on Mac and save them in additional formats by upgrading to Acrobat Standard for Mac.

PDFelement Pro

With the help of the excellent PDF application PDFelement Pro, you may make laborious tasks simple. It is a practical and much more affordable substitute for Adobe Acrobat. You can have total control over PDF pages and files. Additionally, it can transform scanned PDFs into Word or Excel files, PowerPoint, HTML, EPUB, images, and texts. It will also fill out your current PDF form and create a fresh one.

PDF Candy

While many free choices lack an OCR feature for text scanning, PDF Candy is our current choice as the Best PDF editors. This PDF Editor Software for Windows cannot edit OCR-generated text; however, you can download PDF files, extract the content, and produce text documents, RTF files, and even Word documents in both.doc and.docx formats.

After editing a document with PDF Candy, you can install the revised version or upload a fresh one to continue working on. After you've made modifications, PDF Candy maintains all your documents in a queue so you can install everything simultaneously.

PDF Expert

The editing tools in PDF Expert were perfect. When you select text in your PDF, editing tools slide out so that you may implement adjustments. When you choose an image, editing tools are displayed. You can rearrange and eradicate a selection of text from the page.

Without its difficulty with huge documents, PDF Expert would've been my top choice for both macOS and Windows. However, PDF Expert would hang each time when trying to open approximately 450-page test files. If you frequently work with bigger files, go elsewhere until this application operates more consistently.


You can work on PDF files shorter than 10MB with 100 pages, whichever one is greater, for free with PDFescape, a simple web-based PDF editing or annotations programme. The increased capacity is a good change from the previous 50-page constraint for PDFescape. For $36 a year, you can subscribe to a premium account if you need to manage larger files. For $72 a year, there is also an "ultimate" option available.

PDFescape, available through any current web browser, does not have OCR features as PDF Candy provides. However, the annotation features in PDFescape were simple to use. A good selection of common annotation tools makes it simple to add, highlight, or strikethrough text, add notes, and generally annotate the pages of your PDF file. You may also white out text, add new photos and text to a document that uses the insert tools within the online app, and add web links or input fields.

With PDFescape, there are several important limitations on adding additional text. You are only able to add new text to an online document; there are no OCR abilities, and thus you cannot edit already written content. The app doesn't use any of the fonts on your computer. Therefore it has a very limited selection of fonts. Consequently, Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Verdana, and a Signature typeface represent the only ones you can use to sign documents.

PDFpenPro 11

For Mac users, PDFpenPro stands out because of its powerful capabilities, not the least of which is a great OCR engine. You can edit PDF documents completely, including replacing graphics and changing text. Furthermore, you may design forms, make lists of contents for your PDF documents, or build PDFs from scratch.

The OCR tools in the application were excellent. The application instantly determines if the document you're working with is a scanning picture already or includes readable text whenever you open an old PDF file using PDFpenPro. The software will ask you if you want this to recognise the text on the page if it is the former.

Even with lengthy documents over 400 pages, PDFpenPro managed text recognition flawlessly and quickly, enabling searchable and editable text. But unlike changing the text on a non-scanned page, editing recognised text is more difficult.

Soda PDF Online

One of the best PDF Software for Mac is Soda PDF. It functions just as well on other Operating Systems. To change PDF documents, you can utilise its internet tool and install the app. You can edit, redact, remove, or add text and modify any existing text. Additionally, you can use this to complete or sign any PDF form.


On a Mac, editing PDFs is no longer a challenge. You can use a variety of tools, either paid or unpaid. Various websites would let you edit PDF files as well. Therefore, the best choice is to use the built-in PDF Software for Mac programmes. If they are unsuccessful, try using internet tools. Using these allows you to save time and space downloading and installing apps. And you continue to complete the task perfectly.