Top 10 Biggest Airport in The World

Top 10 Biggest Airport in The World

Long-distance travel by air is not just the most sought-after and well-liked option but has also grown to play a significant role in the global economy. Over the past few decades, the global air transportation market has significantly transformed.

To fulfil the enormous demand of the passenger base's rapid evolution, cities worldwide have constructed enormous airports, including first environments and other connected infrastructure projects.

The top 10 Biggest Airport in The World is shown below.

Some of the Largest Airports in the World which have postal codes that will surprise you. Airports offer various services, including hotels, dining establishments, spas, and shopping centres. Therefore, airports in the modern world are much more than merely locations to board aircraft.

Beijing Daxing International Airport

The mind-boggling 7.5 million square foot Beijing Daxing International Airport is the Largest Airports in the World. The land area of the airport is roughly 18 square miles. This airport is predicted to handle well over 100 million people by 2040, making it the busiest airport in the world. Travellers may get from security to the gate in less than eight minutes due to the airport's starfish-like design.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport, commonly referred to as Bangkok Airport, is among South East Asia's largest airports, covering an area of 8,000 acres. An average of 63 million people use the airport annually. It was inaugurated in 2006. The airport's building cost was in the neighbourhood of $5 billion. It does have two runways with a capacity of 64 flights per hour.

Washington Dulles International Airport

Washington Dulles International Airport is the sixth Largest Airports in the World and among the largest in the US. It is constructed in the Virginian counties of Fairfax or Loudoun. The 13,000 acres that make up the Washington Dulles International Airport constitute a sizable region.

Denver International Airport

The third Largest Airports in the World and the largest airport in the US are both in Denver. It covers a sizable 52.4 square miles. With more than 35,000 employees, it is among Colorado's largest employers. There are currently 23 airline companies operating flights from the airport, which opened in 1995, to more than 215 locations. In 2021, the Denver International Airport handled over 58.8 million passengers.

Orlando International Airport

The city of Orlando, where Disney World is situated, is home to Orlando International Airport. An estimated 58 million people visit Disney World annually, and most go there by plane. The airport, which spans a 60 square kilometre area, was designed 40 years ago. In 2021, the airport handled about 40 million passengers.

King Fahd International Airport

The Biggest Airport in The World in total land area is King Fahd International Airport, also referred to as Dammam International Airport. The airport's size in Saudi Arabia is 776 sq. km. Including some of the three main international airports within the Kingdom, it represents the entire Eastern Province. It bears the name of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, whose rule it was built and opened. It debuted that year.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

The main international airport serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region in the US state of Texas is Dallas Fort Worth International Airport or DFW Airport. Its area is 69.63 square kilometres. In 1973, it began operations. Regarding aircraft movement, it was the third busiest airport in 2020, so when it took passenger traffic into account, it ranked as the fourth busiest.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

In 1997, was renamed Houston International Airport in honour of George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States. It opened in 1969 and is situated 23 miles north of Houston's central business district in the USA. The area of the airport is 44.5 sq. km.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

One of Shanghai, China's two international airports, is called Pudong. It has an area of 40 square km and debuted in 1999. Pudong Airport is a hub for passengers and cargo that is quickly expanding. Regarding freight traffic, the airport would be the third busiest in the world.

Cairo International Airport

The history of Cairo International Airport began in the 1940s when the American Bayn Field air force installation was built 5 km away from Almaza Airport to support the Alliance during World War II. By the time the war was over, American forces had abandoned the base. The Civil Aviation Authority took up the base in 1945 and then gave it to the International Civil AviationThe airport was known as King Farouk 1st Airport. Almaza Airport was used exclusively for domestic flights in the interim.


Airports are also upgrading and extending their infrastructure to handle the increasing number of travellers. The busiest airports in the world are also the largest. The top 10 mentioned above are the Biggest Airport in The World.