Top 7 Best Free Cloud Backup Solution

Top 7 Best Free Cloud Backup Solution

Sharing files with friends and family, maintaining document synchronisation across all of your devices, and many other uses are all made possible by cloud services. Even better is free cloud backup! There are unrestricted, free online storage options, so yes, quite a few of them. The free alternatives are typically more than sufficient for most individuals, especially if you use more than one, even if nearly all have subscription choices that offer extra room.

Here are the Free Cloud Storage Services Online:-


The 10 GB limit on pCloud. There is a desktop client for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. There is also a very user-friendly and intuitive smartphone app. In contrast to single file and entire folder uploads through a browser, it permits adding files from a remote URL. Direct photo and video uploads to your account are possible with mobile apps.


Users of Dropbox begin with 2 GB of free space, and there are various easy ways to increase this amount to about 18 GB. You can view and publish all of your Dropbox files from a desktop or mobile app. You can also share entire folders with anyone, even if they don't have a Dropbox account.


This one offers everyone who creates an account 20 GB of free storage. You can gain an additional 5 GB of storage if you refer friends who want to use Degoo to store their data. You can use the iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile app to access your Best Free Cloud Storage accounts.


Microsoft offers an online storage platform called OneDrive. Every new user gets 5 GB of free storage. You will receive more hosting if you adhere to specific guidelines, such as friend recommendations or mobile photo syncing. Any form of folder and file can be readily transferred using a desktop programme so that they are accessible from a mobile device. You can upload images and movies via the smartphone app.


When you join up for Sync, you receive 5 GB best cloud storage for free. It can upload several files using the web application and mobile and desktop apps, similar to some of the other services on this list. You are able to create shared folders that other users may access and share any folder or file with anybody, irrespective of whether they utilise Sync.


Blomp offers a whopping 20 GB of storage space without charge to new users. With this program and the website's extremely limited feature set, you can create folders, upload files, and download your backup data. Still, this makes them simple to utilise and clutter-free, so it might be a good thing.


Free cloud storage solution from Icedrive is 10 GB. Your files can be accessed online, on mobile devices, and through a fairly attractive desktop programme. You don't need to download the files again because you may stream your music and videos directly from your account.


Q1: Which free cloud is the best?

PCloud,, and Icedrive offer the greatest free cloud storage services because of their features, usability, security, and privacy. MEGA has 20GB of default storage, which may be increased for an additional year, giving it more space than any free cloud storage service.

Q2: Which free online backup solution is the best?

The best free internet backup is available through Drive. No online backup storage service is more comprehensive than iDrive. The 5GB of storage on the free "basic" plan keeps all the features of the paid ones.

Q3: How can I receive a free 2TB cloud?

Run CBackup, select Backup from the left panel's menu and then select Backup PC to Combined Cloud. 2. Select the computer files you want to back up and check the Dropbox 2TB Storage option.

Q4: What is the price of 2TB of Google storage?

$10 per month - $10/month for 2TB. You receive the same member benefits as the first two plans when you subscribe to the 2TB storage plan, plus a bonus of up to 10% cash back at the Google Store.


The number of free Cloud Backup Solution providers has rapidly increased due to the cloud market's development, but this will only make it harder to locate one that works for you. While free cloud storage options can critically be seen as a quick way to attract customers in anticipation of their subscribing later, many are valuable choices in and of themselves.