Top 7 World Famous Foods

Top 7 World Famous Foods

From mouth-watering dishes to delicious cuisines, we have hundreds of dishes today that due to their unique taste and seasoning are considered the best food in the world. With the evolution of contemporary societies the world over, different foods either due to their ability to be prepared fast or to be easily carried or eaten have become immensely popular amongst the masses. In this discussion, we look forward to exploring the top 7 world famous foods that people crave for whether they are office-goers or self-employed professionals. So, if you are an epicure, here are some mouth-watering best foods in the world that you would love to enjoy while eating and would also like cherishing the good taste prompting you always to have such best food in the world again and again.


Burger World Famous Food - Livedownloading

Burger happens to be a delectable food of American origin that ideally has a beef patty swaddled between the soft buns with plain slices of onions finely placed over the beef or potato patty along with tangy tomato ketchup or some other sauce. Burger now has become a global food that can be swiftly prepared in an oven or in covered fry pans by individuals thereby making it one of the best foods in the world.


Pizza World Famous Food - Livedownloading

Yet another food that qualifies to be one of the top 7 world famous foods is Pizza indeed. With cheese applied onto the disc-shaped flatbread in thick layers and capsicum slices and onion rings used as toppings, the flatbread is then heated in an oven for a few minutes culminating in very delicious yet succulent food that has grown to be a household name from east to west.


Sushi World Famous Food - Livedownloading

Being originated in Japan, Sushi is a rice-based dish that entails cooking rice sheaths filled with egg, or some other seafood in vinegar. What adds to the USP of Sushi is that it can also be prepared with some vegetarian fillings as well. Finely cooked in a low flame makes Sushi even more delicious and tasty as the plain taste of rice is well complemented by the presence of fried non-vegetarian fillings of sea foods.


Dosa World Famous Food - Livedownloading

This unique all-Indian vegetarian flat pan cake food has grown to become popular in international territories as well. Consisting of a thick spread of meshed spicy boiled potatoes over the batter of a unique combination of rice and pulses, then fried and cooked in one table spoon of oil or butter over the heated pan gives a breathtaking experience while enjoying Dosa when it is served with Coconut sauce and locally known Sambhar dish to the gourmet.


Tacos World Famous Food - Livedownloading

Tacos happen to be Mexico’s national dish wherein any kind of ground meat is served on a Tortilla or a flat fried bread of flour. This interesting Mexican food is made by slicing and finely chopping meat and then grilling it on a coal fire with seasoning done of sliced onions and salsa ultimately making it a unique food that is preferred by many in the entire Mexican region and in various parts of the United States.


Ramen World Famous Food - Livedownloading

Another best food in the world is Ramen which has its roots connected to Japan. This dish consists of noodles being adequately cooked and served with cooked or boiled eggs and vegetables in the broth of bones of mutton, chicken, or beef.


Kebab World Famous Food - Livedownloading

Having originated in Turkey, Kebab is undoubtedly the best food in the world. Cooking Kebab is actually pretty interesting as it entails piercing boneless meat pieces with an iron rod with seasonings of tomato and onion also getting pierced and then the entire iron rod is grilled and roasted over the fire. The taste of Kebabs is so miraculous that now everywhere in the world Kebabs are cooked and served with a sprinkling of pepper and sauce something why people always love to include Kebabs in their menu be it regular meals or in three or five-course meals at weddings and other ceremonial events.